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I failed this past weekend. I failed 2 labs the first night (IV push and SQ) primarily on nerves. PCS's went ok Saturday, failed the IV push station again because I ran out of time (played with the... Read More

  1. by   msjenntou
    I am in SYracuse NY for CPNE this weekend and it was over before it almost as soon as it began. I failed IVpush lab then PCS1&2. I plan to retest just as soon as I can. First I need to stop feeling sorry for myself, then I will go home and refile.
  2. by   Christin
    Geez, I'm sorry. Two bad stories.
    I test next week. May I ask what the failures were for?
    Like the bubble incident, there are things we just may not focus on in practice that perhapes we should. (Like make bubbles & practice dealing with it before hand.)
    What did you learn from your PCS's that you would be able to share?
    Thanks. Christin
  3. by   RN34TX
    Quote from traumahawk99
    i realize it's disappointing to fail on labs, but there is just no excuse for that. the labs are where you have complete control.
    I thought that comment was a little harsh.
    I passed all of my labs the first time but shook like a leaf so bad that I nearly failed two of them because of it.
    I practiced over and over and knew them like the back of my hand but the shaking was involuntary, I had a hard time controlling it.

    Labs may lack the unpredictability that a PCS can present, but they are still very easy to fail and I can easily see how it could happen because it almost happened to me.
  4. by   msjenntou
    Good Luck where are you going?
    I failed IVpush because I forgot to aspirate prior to first flush. I was so focused on pushing the medication in in the correct amount of time that I just forgot.
    PCS1- My patient had a left arm fistula and I put the blood pressure cuff over it why I don't know I know you can't take B/P's over fistulas but nerves got the best of me.
    PCS2- I was supposed to do Peripheral Vascular Assessment which I did but omitted the tactile stimulation part because I was thinking that was done on non comunicating patients again nerves got in the way.
    I was very disappointed and upset but I wont let that stop me I am going to refile and passs the next time.
  5. by   Christin
    Thanks. I agree. It's the stress that fails us! I can absolutely see forgetting to aspirate because you're stressed about the timing of the push!
    I test in Racine. I'm off on Wednesday, & I'm just going to spend the day doing my labs over & over & over...
  6. by   pedinurse05
    The CPNE , to me, was the most basic skills exam I have ever taken. My clinicals in LPN school were more difficult...what sets the CPNE apart from other exams is the high levels of stress and anxiety. You know you must perform with perfection and get a very limited amount wiggle room....this alone creates many failures in the lab and on the floor. Know your stuff and use that grid--the grid can save you when the stress is controlling you. Best wishes to all taking the CPNE and don't beat yourself up over a retake...just use it as an expensive learning tool!
  7. by   rsalas558
    Im preparing for my first ( and hopefully last) CPNE and I hear a lot said about a grid. What exactly is this grid that I should stick to. Also has anyone ever taken the CPNE workshop. I take in 2 days and do to family issues, have not been able to go through the study guide much. Is the workshop about teaching or do they expect you to know it already?
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    Been there, done that....I failed my first CPNE by failing PCS 1 & 2. I was devastated. It was totally nerves. I went back 30 days later and passed every PCS on day one. I made a plan which I will PM to you. I also took Ativan to get a good nights sleep and 1/2 dose to relax during the exam. I passed! Whether it was my plan or the Ativan or a combination of the two I don't know. I did go to a different site the second time and found them to be much more encouraging from the get-go. I went to Gwinette outside of Atlanta the first time and to a big hospital in downtown Atlanta the second time.
  9. by   resqyou35

    doing the pcs plans is what is intimidating me now. as a paramedic, we do documentation completely different. what grids, nuemonics and other rescources did you use to prep yourself for the cpne? i am starting to do pcs documentaion on the patients we run on now just to get familiar with them. i just applied for the cpne, so i don't have a date yet.
  10. by   caliotter3
    I saw something about the sessions with Tina, Lynn over on yahoo. Can somebody clue me in on this? I'm approaching CPNE time and am already stressing.
  11. by   rigmedic
    I am in exactly the same boat as you. If you come across some system that works for you, please email it to me. The "medic thing" and the "nurse thing" are sometimes quite different. LOL
  12. by   jnette
    Quote from rigmedic
    I am in exactly the same boat as you. If you come across some system that works for you, please email it to me. The "medic thing" and the "nurse thing" are sometimes quite different. LOL
    There's the clincher.

    You must forget everything you have previously learned or done. You MUST do things THEIR way ! Even though there are many ways to do thiings which are technically correct, it is ESSENTIAL that you perform each skill, each PCS EXACTLY the way it is described in the CPNE Manual.

    I, too, was one of those who made up lists of pneumonics... I had a stack of flie cards for each skill and each PCS with all my pneumonics written on them. I made a cassette tape with each possible scenario, and for each lab skill complete with pneumonics. I listened to my tape for months every time I was in the car going to work or grocery shopping, and before I went to bed at noc. That really helped it to sink in.

    At the hotel I went through every lab skills procedure the first noc.

    But yes, it is nervewracking to be sure. But if you block everything out but your pneumonics, you can do it.

    I agree, don't waste precious time doing anything "extra"...it will cost you in time, and you may mess up on the "extra" which wasn't even expected of you in the first place. Stick with what IS expected of you and do that well.
    Leave pleny of time for careplan documentation... I came close to not having time to thoroughly document and reviewing what I had documented.. and they do want THAT done correctly as well, so be careful to allow plenty of time after each PCS.

    I would never, ever want to have to go through that again! :uhoh21:

    Wish each of you the very best !

    Pneumonics, pneumonics, pneumonics! Learn them, know them. Until you can repeat them in your sleep!
  13. by   rsslpn
    What is the grid that has been mentioned in previous posts? I just started my courses with excelsior and am trying to get any and all advice that I possibly can.