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  1. rigmedic

    career change to nursing the right choice?

    When I got out of aviation (I was in corporate), it amazed me the number of people that are just dumbfounded that anyone would give up "such a good job". LOL They have no idea! As for the bodily fluids thing, yes you have to learn to deal with it. I started out in medicine as an EMT, then a Paramedic, then an RN. Last year, I made $115,000 (FO pay at a major). So, I am quite happy to wipe the occasional butt.
  2. rigmedic

    An OHN? What kinds of jobs are out there?

    I work in the offshore oil and gas industry. It is a combination of occupational health, and industrial safety.
  3. rigmedic

    Nursing jobs with oil companies

    What would you like to know? I work internationally offshore, and have for several years now.
  4. Thanks for the offer, but this is MY gravy train. LOL Oh, I forgot to mention that if I have to do schools or meetings on my offtime they pay it at Double Pay. Yep, just like the hospital.......NOT!!
  5. If you want to know why I keep working offshore in Industrial Medicine, this is why. For our bonus this year, we all got $300 Seiko watches, engraved. For our weekly safety meeting prizes, they give away MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. I don't think I will ever go back to the hospital environment. Not as long as gas is $3/gallon. LOL
  6. I have one of them, and it works very well in noisy environments. I rarely use it, though, because it will not hang easily around your neck. The tubing that goes from the bell up toward the earpieces has a controller, that holds the batteries. Because of this, it will not hang normally around your neck and it is a pain to keep in your pocket. But, for performance you can't beat it.
  7. rigmedic

    Rudeness from EMTs and Paramedics

    the one thing i know that would upset me (and i admit i am impatient) is when i wanted information and the primary nurse was no where to be found to give it to me. -Allison2008 Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!! As someone who knows both sides of this fence, this just drives me crazy. If you are an RN in a LTC facility and you call 911, please be prepared to give report to the PROFESSIONAL coming to give care to your patient. The medic has to do an assessment, develop a care plan, etc just like an RN. Knowing the pt's history, baseline mental status, meds, etc are all part of that assessment. I hate to generalize, but it always seems that whenever we go to a LTC facility the staff just melts away and we are left alone in the room with the pt that is blue, O2 sat of 72 (on 2lpm by NC) and no idea what the history, meds, normal status, etc is. Also, the staff doesn't seem to understand that EMS has protocols for different procedures and we can't "just put the line in and leave".
  8. rigmedic

    Left Bundle Branch Block

    OK guys, I am not asking about a theoretical patient, but about myself. I went for a routine physical and there was some increased amplitude in the R wave in the lateral leads from the previous 12-lead. My PCP referred me for a stress test. I did a nuclear stress test this morning and experienced a rate dependent left bundle branch block at around 148 bpm. My resting pulse rate was 58 and my resting 12-lead was normal. My scan revealed "no significant occlusion of any of the cardiac arteries". The cardiologist said that no interventions were needed at this time. My question is will this condition resolve with continued weight loss, or is it permanent? Also, I found it odd that the cardiologist did not recommend any restrictions in activity such as strenuous cardiovascular exercise. Is this normal?
  9. rigmedic

    Whats the best job in healthcare?

    Well, what is "serious" in the ER of a Level 1 Trauma Center in the States and what is "serious" 45 miles off the coast of a third world country are two different things. LOL We have everything from dengue fever, lots of skin MRSA (incision and draining abscesses), the routine upper respiratory viruses that run rampant through the rig, etc, etc, etc. Not as much trauma as most people who are not in the oil business seem to think. There is a lot of emphasis on safety. We also do food safety, potable water testing, first aid training, vaccinations, etc.
  10. rigmedic

    Whats the best job in healthcare?

    That is correct. I run my own 2 bed clinic for 115 people and get to bank TONS of frequent flyer miles. It is a great job.
  11. rigmedic

    Whats the best job in healthcare?

    Being a rig medic is, without a doubt, ONE of the best jobs in healthcare. You get to travel the world, have complete autonomy running your own clinic far at sea, and the money is at least as good as I would make as a nurse manager.
  12. rigmedic

    Paramedic to RN via Excelsior?

    "just being "street medics"???????????? Grrrrrrrrr:madface::trout:
  13. rigmedic

    Clinton unveils new health care plan

    For all the warts of "Big Government", and there are many, at least the citizens get a vote in how it runs. Corporate America answers ONLY to the Board of Directors of that particular corporation. Individual shareholders have virtually no say so in how the company is run, let alone a non-shareholder. So, having demonstrated the fact that their greed knows no bounds, Corporate Healthcare's days are numbered.....
  14. rigmedic

    Clinton unveils new health care plan

    It all ultimately comes down to, "Who do you trust more; Big Government or Corporate America?". After decades of watching Corporate America downsize, rightsize, outsource, create "preexisting conditions", deny coverage, and generally allow their greed to get the best of them, I think most people are ready for a change. It is a rightwing fantasy to suggest that "If only people saved more, all would be well". Meanwhile wages are flat, energy and food are going through the roof, and the Republicans want to steal Social Security. The American people have had ENOUGH of risk and uncertainty. We need to at least be able to count on the availability of healthcare.
  15. rigmedic

    Incompetent nurses

    I am certainly not a troll, and will not flame nurses. I will agree with Keith that certain aspects of my paramedic education were far superior to that of nursing school. The reverse is also true in certain areas. I think that if the pay, benefits, and job variety which exist for nurses were available for paramedics you would see VERY few medics becoming nurses. It is simply for the Benjamins.........well, that and it doesn't rain in the ER. LOL
  16. rigmedic

    Outsourcing nurses, NOOOOOO!!!!!

    That is good, and it should be even tougher! When we have American citizens beating down the doors to nursing schools, trying to get degrees, there is no reason to let foreigners have the few good jobs left in America. The nursing boards in the various states need to stand up NOW to block the increase in the number of H-1b visas. The things that are happening now to IT professionals could happen to nurses if we don't band together and snuff it out before it gets started.