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  1. Hi all,
    I started Capella University's online RN to MSN program 05/2016 and am focusing on nursing education for specialization. I thought I'd post in case anyone is looking for info about Capella's RN to MSN program. Before I enrolled I searched and wasn't able to find a whole lot to answer my questions.

    Right now I am in the first of the four bridge classes (MSN5000) and really enjoying it. There are 2 discussion posts due each week and 3 written assignments for this class. I'll see how my other classes are but so far my professor has provided us grading rubrics that are very specific so it is not difficult to get A's on assignments if you follow the rubric. The classes are 10 weeks long and there are a total of 17 classes for the RN to MSN program. I think there are 13 (?) classes for an MSN if you already have a BSN degree. The first course they had me take by itself and next quarter I will be taking the remaining 3 bridge courses since I am currently off work for a few more months. After that I'll prob take 2 courses at a time and I think it'll be doable. The workload definitely is doable, you have to put work into it but if you do what is asked and put in the effort you can get A's. Also they provide TONS of assistance to help us succeed, which is nice. I was told that there is NO group work (HUGE plus!) throughout the program and I haven't heard differently from any of the other Capella students I've talked to.

    I was nervous to go back to school since it had been years since I got my ADN and I was jumping right into graduate courses but I am totally impressed by Capella and feel really good about my choice to attend. I know it costs a bit more than some other schools (I'm paying about $22k for my RN to MSN). I like that I don't feel "alone" in front of a computer even though I can log in whenever I want LOL my instructor and fellow students stay in contact with each other through the courseroom which is nice.

    Anywhooooo... if anyone has questions that I might be able to answer I'd be happy to. I'll try to keep updating this thread as I go along in my classes too. If anyone else is studying at Capella please chime in!
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  3. by   HouTx
    If you are aiming for a career in nursing education and aren't already working in this area, this is not the best program because of the lack of a practicum. There are practical skills that can't be learned online. An important aspect of advanced education is the ability to 'try out' new skills & apply new knowledge under the auspices of a mentor or preceptor - otherwise, you just end up with a piece of paper. A practicum is important because there aren't any transition programs to help (non NP) graduate students move into advance practice.

    Depending on which route you want to take you should begin trying to position yourself for a 'starter' role as a clinical instructor (academic) or unit educator (workplace). If you haven't already done so, I would advise accumulating some experience in education for your resume - CPR/ACLS instructor or unit inservice coordinator are good places to begin. I would also urge you to join ANPD, as this is 'our' (educators) professional organization. In my company, MSN is entry level for unit educators, but these roles require relevant clinical competence and education experience.

    Wishing you the best of luck! We need energetic talented educators to replace us crusty old bats.
  4. by   BenjaminsMom
    I'll have to check that out with my advisor, my understanding is that there is a practicum. Thanks for your input, I'll definitely look into that!
    **ETA: I looked into it, there actually IS a practicum in the education specialization, Capella requires a precepted experience that is approved by the university. I will also look into your suggestion of teaching other courses such as CPR so that I can start to get teaching experience ������
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  5. by   target98765
    I am doing the RN to BSN program and I love it!! I love the I guide that tells me what to do each day, I love the grading rubric and I love the instructors, they get back to me with in a couple of hours.
  6. by   BenjaminsMom
    Quote from target98765
    I am doing the RN to BSN program and I love it!! I love the I guide that tells me what to do each day, I love the grading rubric and I love the instructors, they get back to me with in a couple of hours.
    Are you doing the traditional program or the flexpath? I have a friend who is looking into flexpath and wondered how it works..
  7. by   Msmedic68w
    I am currently in MSN500, I started in July. So far the class is really easy. I am considering taking 3 courses at once. I am doing RN-MSM leadership/admin. Capella does give you a lot of resources which is pretty cool, they want their student to succeed. I have a really good feeling about this school so far, the worst reviews I have read involve dealing with financial aid. But I have the VA paying for my school so I don't have to worry about any of that.
  8. by   wayemika
    I am currently in the RN to MSN in care coordination and I can say I really like the program. I have two terms left after this one is over. I take 3 classes a term. The only down side I can see is finding a preceptor for my 100 hours.
  9. by   EarlyAdditionRN
    I am seriously considering this program (Care coordination) Do you still like it? Any additional information you have would be appreciated!
  10. by   EarlyAdditionRN
    Just checking in with you to see how the program is going. I am really interested in it. Any updates and information would be appreciated!

  11. by   wayemika
    I just finished my term Friday. Now I'm on my three week break. Then i have two terms left and I will have my MSN. Updates? Hum.... what would you like to know?
  12. by   A_Simp
    I am considering the RN to MSN (Educator) program and would like to start in January. Any insights into the school would be helpful. I think I have it narrowed down to Capella vs Grand Canyon. I also hold a non nursing BS with tons of educational experience outside of healthcare.
  13. by   wayemika
    I like it because it's mostly discussion post and papers with a few projects. I just finished my term. 3 A's and one B. Only two terms left until I get my MSN.
  14. by   ja1990
    I just applied for Capella's RN to MSN program to start in January 2017. The anticipation is killing me, so I was just wondering how long it took for you to find out if you were accepted?