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Hi, I am an LPN (X 15 years). I guess I made a really stupid decision and signed a contract with RUE Ed. about 1 1/2 years ago for their study materials to become a RN through Excelsior College.... Read More

  1. by   Stutts5
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    cancel you american express card!!!
    it's not quite that simple. i don't want rue destroying my credit report for non-payment.that's why i haven't already cancelled the card payment.
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    Quote from Stutts5
    It's not quite that simple. I don't want RUE destroying my credit report for non-payment.That's why I haven't already cancelled the card payment.

    Yes it is. Cancel that card, get a new one, wait for RUE to send it to collections, and the collection agency puts it on your credit report, then send the collection agency a letter by the US Postal service Certified Mail, Return Reciept Requested.

    In the letter state that you are requesting validation that is competent evidence that you have some obligation to pay THEM (the collection agency), also that you are requesting VALIDATION, and not just verification that they have your address, and other personal info.

    DON'T put you're signature on the letter. Collection agencies are KNOWN for their magically transferring signatures, to some agreement to pay them. Any way, when you get the little green card back in the mail, that verifies they recieved the letter, DISPUTE the entry on each on of your credit reports. This usually will work for TWO reason:

    #1 - Legally when you request validation from a CA (collection agency), they MUST cease ALL collection efforts until that validation has been provided, meaning they CAN'T update you credit reports when asked

    #2 - When you dispute with the CB (credit bureuas) they have to cotact the collection agency, to verify their info, and since the CA can't legally make ANY collection effort within this time frame, they don't respond to the CB, and the CB LEGALLY has to remove the entry.

    Sometimes it doesn't work b/c CA's are dirty law breakers, but most of the time it will. And most of the time the CAs don't have the info they need to give a true validation, so they don't and they stop trying to collect.

    OHH and BTW, I said to let it go to collections first b/c the laws that allow the above to happen DON't work with Original Creditors, they just don't apply.

    Ask you're lawyer to look it up. It's all legal, and this is the first trick most Credit Repair Agencies use. Hey, maybe I should be charging for this info, LOL.
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    a class action lawsuit is gearing up for TCN if interested in seeing if you are eligible to be included, email
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    to critter 1972
    you said the college network sends out all material at once, this is not actually true. I signed up for lpn to rn classes with the college network 23 months ago (sucks dont do it) they said I needed 14 classes all together and to this day I still only have the very first one that I was given when I signed up. I really wish that I could get out of their contract also but I dont see how. It is a scam, the "advisor" builds it up like it is sooo easy and they are there to help, that any one can get it done quickly. I read the whole binder that I was given. It didnt help me at all.
  5. by   firewalker
    If anyone is pursuing a class action law suit against Rue education (innovative academic solutions) I want to be on board. They won't let me out of the contract. Does anyone have any ideas? Let me know if anyone is suing, and please let me know if anyone has found out any other way of cancelling out of the contract, or just stopping payment. Thank you.