Oakland fire

  1. A night of music and dancing turns into a deadly inferno at Oakland warehouse - LA Times

    How do you cope with tragedies??

    I cry. That's all I can do. We lost pts while I was a student, I went to the med room and cried.

    I am not weak, I actually don't show it, in emergencies, but shortly after I break down.

    Having lost friends in a fire a year ago, the Oakland club fire is really getting to me. I am trying to breath .. and find reason as to why so many young and innocent lives perished.. there is no answer of course.

    Things just happen, some may say. So much suffering and pain in this world though!

    I am doing my share to alleviate it, but it's almost insignificant, in the big scheme of things.

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  3. by   morte
    and on the anniversary of the worc. Ma. fire were 6 firefighters died.....
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I suppose I am emotionally detached in a profound manner, but hearing of tragedies that entail mass deaths no longer has an effect on me. I think to myself, "How horrible." Then I keep it moving.

    Several years ago a news story broke in which a mother telephoned 911 claiming that her boyfriend killed her two-year-old son. Later on in the conversation with the 911 dispatcher, she admits she's the one who killed her son.

    The little boy was decapitated. His head was in the freezer. Once the police arrived and surrounded the apartment, the mother committed suicide while under the influence of PCP. She was also high when she killed her son.

    The senseless murders of very young children disturb me. A future full of potential has been snuffed out by the adults in society who should have protected them.
  5. by   brownbook
    It is awful to compare tragedies. I think of the saying about one person starving to death is a tragedy, millions of people starving to death is a statistic.

    The Pulse nightclub shooting was horrible, but Florida is so far from me. The Oakland fire haunts me more. I can't imagine dying trapped in a burning building, is that worse than dying trapped in a building where a terrorist is shooting people?

    I don't travel often but just happened to have a meeting 1/2 mile away from the site the next morning. Helicopters hovered overhead all morning.

    A neighbor is a firefighter for Oakland. I don't know if it bad manners to mention it when I see him?
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Heartbreaking. The place was a fire/death-trap. I can't comprehend the losses.
  7. by   essT
    Oakland native here, lost a college friend in the fire, used to live just blocks from the Ghost Ship, have been to many warehouses in my time in the Bay Area, and lived in some highly unsafe locations as well. Not able to wrap my head around it all right now. It is heartbreaking to watch from across the country, especially as friends wait to hear if their missing loved ones have been identified. Oakland is my heart.