Dying Patient Requires CPR- Nurses Laugh Instead.

  1. This is the chilling moment a group of nurses laughed as a World War II veteran died in a Georgia care home.

    The nurses were meant to be fixing an oxygen mask onto 89-year-old James Dempsey after he called for help saying he couldn't breathe.
    But a surveillance camera captured them laughing as the breathing machine failed, and Dempsey fell unconscious, and records show they waited an hour to call 911.

    One of the nurses is seen laughing so hard she is doubled over Dempsey's deathbed.

    Georgia nurses laugh as WW2 veteran dies in video | Daily Mail Online
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  3. by   kakamegamama
  4. by   MelEpiRN
    This made me so, so sad. I'm so horrified.
  5. by   nuangel1
    Absolutely horrible.So sad.
  6. by   fibroblast
    Unbelievable. If a nurse ignores respirations like that, they deserve their license revoked for good.
  7. by   HyzenthlayLPN
    What upset me most was this happened THREE YEARS ago and the family has been fighting in court to be able to be able to release the video, not just to the press but to the BON (it is illegal in the state to place a video camera in a facility without permission from/notification to the facility.
  8. by   blackmamba123
    The blatant disregard for human life displayed by these women is appalling. It's so tragic that such cruel individuals were ever licensed to care for others.
  9. by   nursinginterest
    wow she did 6 compressions, don't they make it abundantly clear that once you start compressions you aren't supposed to stop unless someone takes over for you isn't that more detrimental to the patient .