Will my background keep me from my new grad job offer??

  1. I finally got the job offer! I stupidly thought that they had done the background check and accepted it. Of course, I find out that they haven't run it yet, and after talking to the recruiter, I'm not as positive about it as I was. Problem is, orientation is supposed to start in 2 weeks, and she told me I could hear as late as 2 days before whether I'm in or out, and I have to move!! So, with the below charges, will hospitals bar me from emplloyment?

    *I was convicted of underage drinking almost 5 years ago. Thats my only actual conviction. However, just this may I had some misunderstandngs. I have 2 pending cases which occured within a week of eachother! I'm not guilty of either, and think the court will find it that way, but as of now, I can't prove to the hospital I'm not guilty.

    *1st, I got charged with shoplifting because I got a phone call (from the person I was wasting time to meet) while I was trying on sunglasses. I put back the pair on my face, but the pair I had pushed ontop of my head to compare, I unknowingly left on. I walked out, and they assumed it was purposeful until I talked to them. Unfortunately they had to go through with the charge for me to fight in court since it was already reported

    *2nd, I was pulled over at 6:30am on my way home from a friend's, and charged with a DUI. I was by no means intoxicated, and my bloodwork will come back to show that, but as of now it looks to anyone like im guilty. I did go out the night before, and the real problem was only 3 hours of sleep. I know, I know, stupid, but it happened.

    Sooo...do you think I will still have a job?? How about after they already paid for my drug test and physical, along with scheduling me for orientation and doing all the computer orientation and paperwork already? I need some opionions, personal experiences..anything! And any advice as to what I should do? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Zookeeper3
    Hmn, this is a wild card. I too had a DWAI, driving while under the influence, not intoxicated... three beers in three hours and was underage. This didn't prevent any employment, although I still have to disclose I have a conviction dating back to 1990 on my license and most times I apply.

    Because these charges are pending and not final, I would simply call HR and alert them to this on Monday, as well as get a lawyer to get it reduced. If conviced, even if you feel you were wrongly accused, any felony or misdomener must be reported if asked in the future.

    just know it automatically doesn't bar you in most states, although OHIO BON refused me because of my DWAI, even though it was 12 years ago.
  4. by   netglow
    I would say IMHO, and not being your employer that you will have several flags pop up. What I am wondering is, if you checked any checkboxes on say a formal online application for your job? Ones that say have you ever... or at least signed something as your acceptance of the job... This will all come in a background check, I take it you are of age and are an RN. Interesting though, you must have done the last few deeds once already licensed? Most states will ask, and will find criminal offenses and refuse to grant a license potentially...

    Kiddo, you have really messed up, and you know how hard it is to find a job as a nurse. I know that is not helping, but, seriously. All you can do is hold your breath. Don't move, get a hotel room arranged, IMHO one that you can cancel.
  5. by   sauconyrunner
    I have to be honest I would not be too sure.

    I had an aquaintance I recommended, he was hired, and they don't do the Background check until one shows up for orientation. He was out. Turned out he had a DWI in the past. I was quite annoyed.

    I think Netglow has the best advice. If you checked the boxes on the form regarding the charges against you etc. you will have a better chance. If they find out that you have had convictions (underage drinking) and did not disclose it. that will probably bar you from employment from that hospital and also if that hospital is part of a system, the whole system.

    Paying for a drug screen and such and scheduling you for orientation means nothing when it comes to criminal records. If you hid them from the potential employer, I have to admit, I'd just start applying for another job.
  6. by   amzyRN
    I think it depends on the degree of background check. Convictions show up usually on any background check, but I'm not sure if arrests do. If you lied on the application and said "no" to the question about convictions, you might be in trouble if something pops up. I'd try to consult with a lawyer . Didn't you have to tell the licensing board this though? If they gave you a license and they are usually very strict, I would think you'd pass a background check.
  7. by   NurseNiki17
    Thanks for your responses! I know I messed up big time, but it frustrates me that neither were worthy of being charged because they were simply misunderstandings. I do take responsibilty, but they really went overboard!

    To answer your questions- When I filled out the app, I had not been arrested yet (happened this may). I didn't change it since they are pending, and not actual "charges". The charge from 5 years ago for underage (yes, im of age now) is getting expunged, and didn't include it on app because I wasn't sure it would still show up. I did, however, tell her every detail about the underage as well as the pending charges, even tho they may not come up, when she asked if anything would show up. The recruiter told me that it will go in front of a board, and they would make the decision as to keep me or not. She basically said it could go either way depending on the details. She seemed to understand why I didn't have it on my app, and that wasn't the issue.

    I'm hoping my atty can get it cleared up, but its still going to be a while before my court dates, so Im stuck in limbo until then with any employer I suppose. Its so sad to me that a career can be ruined by something that is supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty", and as many people with some kind of record these days, its sad that they kick people to the side for things unrelated to patient care.
  8. by   sauconyrunner
    I'm really glad you told the recruiter about the under age drinking charge. It will make it easier.

    Get advice form your attorney about what to do in the mean time. And be careful.
  9. by   kakamegamama
    I think, rather than just being "sad that they kick people to the side for things unrelated to patient care", it would be more beneficial to ask yourself if you are willing to make changes that will keep you out of trouble, such as not drinking and driving. As much as we as a society don't want to acknowledge, our actions DO have consequences, sometimes that are devastating for others as well as ourselves. Thankfully (I'm assuming here) no accidents occured nor was anyone injured with your DWI. Own your choices. Learn your lessons and move forward. And, check with your BON about what is considered an offense that would prevent you from working as a RN. Remember also that the agency that hires you has a reputation to uphold. If you were to screw up again their reputation, as well as yours, would potentially be damaged. And, most reputable agencies are not willing to face that risk.
  10. by   NurseNiki17
    For anyone in this situation that runs across this, I wanted to let you know that the DUI arrest DID show up on my background check, even though I've not been past arraignment yet. She said nothing about the shoplifting charge on my BG, but i'm unsure if it is only because the clerk didn't show in court (since he believed me :bowingpur thank god), or maybe it was just the severity of DUI vs. lifting that caused the DUI to show. Either way, a pending arrest, guilty or not, can definitely show up on a background check! As for employment, I'm still waiting on the outcome, and will post when I know.

    kaka: Thanks for your response. Just wanted to let you know that I do take these charges seriously, which is why I said "I know I messed up big time", and "I do take responsibility", but followed it up with "but they went overboard" because I, in fact, caused no damage, and it had been hours since I was under the influence of anything other than lack of sleep. I do take the responsibility for even that, as I know it can cause accidents as well, but it did not warrant a DUI charge . Actually, The officer agreed, and said she was going to try to help, so we'll see what happens. I appreciate the view on why they don't hire people with charges, I hadn't thought about it that way. I definitely wont be putting myself in those situations anymore, so "changing my behaviors" and keeping out of trouble isn't going to be a problem at all.
  11. by   Pattycakes85
    NurseNiki17, please keep us updated about your job offer! I have not seen ONE success story on here and if I don't find any soon I will have to give up on my nurse dreams Best of luck!
  12. by   NurseNiki17
    Well Pattycake, I wish I could say my update was awesome, but instead I'm left miserable. I truly do feel my nursing dream will be crushed as well, and trust when I say I want to give up too, but that can't happen...for you either!!

    They let me know (only 5 days before my start date) that they "couldn't hire people with pending charges". Why, oh why, did that not get brought to my attention sooner? Surely the recruiter knew that (i would think it's happened b4), which makes me feel like it was just *my* personal situation they couldn't take a chance on, even tho all it showed was underage drinking 5 years ago and pending DUI. GOOD NEWS IS The recruiter did, however, tell me THAT particular position had to be filled, but since everything else was in order, once I get the final outcome to call and have her try to place me within the system. Since I told her the officer is willing to talk to the DA to lower it, and it was a good possibility, I'm wondering if that offer was only if it's reduced, or if they would be ok to hire me with the charge as long as it isn't pending. I'll let ya know when that happens.

    To conclude, DUI is making it near impossible to find work, ESPECIALLY as a new grad with no experience to offer. It's not impossible, but will take a LOT of work. Please keep me (and all the other good people who made the wrong choice at the wrong time) in your prayers, so that our dreams and hard work don't get wasted. Remember, it could happen to any one of you at any time sadly.
  13. by   Pattycakes85

    Im sooo sorry to hear that!!! Where are you located?? Keep your head up and let us know what happens with your charges!!!

    Best of luck