Terminated and reported to Texas Board of Nursing

  1. I am an older nurse in my second career and recently fired from a wonderful skilled nursing facility in Spring. I loved my job. I made a med error following instructions that I apprently misunderstood. The DON never asked me what happened, just pushed me out the door. The other nurses on my unit were covered for their errors and favored over me, not fired or even suspended. Through TWC, I learned the DON has reported be to the Texas BON. When that case comes up I won't be able to work again as a nurse in Texas. I am so distraught and have fears about my long term future. I have faced ageism in my current job search. I am physically fit with no physical limitations yet. I have a lot of faith but it is still a painful position I am in now. Does anyone have any suggestions for income? Where do nurses go who are older work in Houston, Texas?
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  3. by   Jory
    I would wait....just because you are reported doesn't mean the case will go anywhere.

    Anyone can make a mistake...I personally know of a pharmacist that killed a patient because he mixed an IV incorrectly...he still has his job and his license.

    While you cannot control the facility over-reacting (nobody is perfect...you misunderstood the order, it wasn't willfull laziness), I think you will find the BON more understanding.

    While they are on the side of protecting the public, they also don't care to join in a knee-jerk reaction because some supervisor got their panties in a wad.
  4. by   Esme12
    If you have malpractice insurance (every nurse should have this) notify them immediately and seek legal advice. Do not go up in front of the board without legal counsel/attorney...the board is NOT your friend. Ageism is alive and well in nursing!!!!!!

    I am so sorry you are experiencing this...with the induced nursing surplus nurses are not being treated very well.
  5. by   Kikumaru
    I could not have agreed with you more!! I cannot imagine any licensed nurse working without malpractice insurance. at this point, it would be very difficult to yet the services of an attorney due to non-coverage at the time. I have actually heard nurses say if you don't have the legal insurance no one can sue you and the board of nursing will not take action against you this is so very incorrect
  6. by   bleverett
    I was planning on insurance soon waiting for a couple more paychecks.

    This poem helped:

    Director of Nursing up are you on your throne
    Who covered your errors before they were known?

    My judge and jury, once new and had grace
    The BON here is fierce and seals one’s fate

    I owned my error and reported my part
    Threatened and labeled, my life ripped apart

    Fire me, if you must and create a storm
    Why injure, why permanent harm

    Six months I had to use my skills
    Where was your compassion, why the ill will?

    In minutes suspended and 2 more out the door
    That wasn’t enough you had to do more

    Then I learned of the dagger, a cold hearted act
    Done without mercy, forethought or tact

    Now an uncertain future, after years of a fight
    To earn my degree so late in my life

    Fire another, now part of your fame
    But know from this victim, you’re no right to mame

    Hurting people hurt people, what happened to you?
    I pray that you heal it, I hope you want to
  7. by   salvadordolly
    Unless you killed someone with your med error, you will most likely get an admonishment. You won't likely lose your lisence. The whole situation is a PIA though. I had someone do this to me during my career too - completely made up stuff. As the PP said, a lawyer is the best option, I've heard Texas BON is quite tough.
  8. by   bleverett
    Thank you. No harm came to the resident. The DON ordered me to give the med. It has happened before and she covered me. She has 30 years and I have 6 months. She turned on me this time and I believe it might be ageism or my popularity. I loved and was well loved by the residents, her director and my colleagues and she offered three nurses a job in their twenties and had only one opening. When reported med errors to her on others she was impatient. Nothing was done.Through TWC I learned she falsified my records. All documentation is handwritten. That is why I cried 12 hours unable to stop and wrote that poem. I am down to one meal a day waiting for TWC's decision on UI. I pray they believe me;it will be easier when I go before the board if they do. Meanwhile I can't afford a lawyer or next month’s rent. This home has been mine for 27 years and I am single. It is scary and I pray daily. I am tempted to notify corporate that she falsified records.
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  9. by   bleverett
    Quote from salvadordolly
    Unless you killed someone with your med error, you will most likely get an admonishment. You won't likely lose your lisence. The whole situation is a PIA though. I had someone do this to me during my career too - completely made up stuff. As the PP said, a lawyer is the best option, I've heard Texas BON is quite tough.
    I heard that the med error has to be reported to each new employer and the new employer must send quarterly reports to the TX BON on the alleged offender. It stays with you. Fair or not. That is a likely outcome for me if I am not believed.
  10. by   bleverett
    I too have heard and read that. That is why the case agaist me has to be strong. My Don was clever and decpetive to avoid appearing discriminatory when I was fired as well.
  11. by   bleverett
    Thank you!
  12. by   pfchang
    I hope you have written everything that happened, in great detail. Times, dialogue between you and the DON, everything. It can be so hard to recall every little thing after the fact. Good luck to you.
  13. by   Ginger35
    Hi Bleverett,

    I am going through a similar situation where I was "let go" based on inaccurate information at a skilled nursing facility. I have just shy of 20 years nursing experience. I can not say everything on here because the BON is involved. However, I strongly agree with the above of obtaining an "Administrative Attorney" that goes in front of the board frequently in your state defending nurses.

    I do not have the money either really to retain an attorney- but I did manage to scratch up enough funds to get the ball rolling with one for a retainer. I am willing to even cash in part of my 401k if needed.

    I have had insurance in the past - but did not use it and eventually felt that "I didn't need it". Boy was I wrong! It is amazing how others can make up stuff about you and elevate it this far. Just amazing.

    As someone going through something similar - this is hard to do, however, please do not talk with your former co-workers or employer about what happened. It is amazing how the truth gets spinned into something that it isnt. Obtain an Admin Attorney to appear on your behalf. Do not talk to the BON any further until an attorney is obtained. This person will speak for you to them.

    The good news is that the patient was not harmed. Does not appear that there were missing narcotics or anything like that. So - I would like to believe that the BON would perhaps have you do something like CEUs on medication safety and pay a fine. Something along those lines.

    If you have any proof that your DON is falsifying documents - this is a BIG No No!!!! What ever documents you have from her related to work performance, discipline (if there was any), any policies that deal with that. - Put everything together and give to you attorney.

    I am sooo sorry you are going through this. Good Luck
  14. by   nursel56
    Don't even think about not getting legal advice from a pro, bleverett! I also understand Texas has a private company called Group One that basically functions as a damaging reputation clearinghouse whether anything shows up on a legal/formal record or not.

    Best wishes to you!