Nursing student with a criminal history

  1. Hi,

    I was a late acceptance into the ADN program at DCCC and I am very worried because my record starts the expungement process July 27th and I have to submit my forms for background screening soon. I worry that no clinical sites will accept me and I won't be able to continue in the program.

    long story short when I was 17 I attended a high school party at a vacant apartment. When the officers showed up we were all charged with the same charges just for being present.

    MIS breaking and entering (vacant apartment)
    MIS injury to real property (someone urinated in a dryer and another vomited on the carpet)
    MIS poss of over a half ounce Marijuana (it was lying in the floor)
    MIS poss of para (also lying in the floor)

    breaking and entering -- dismissed by the DA on deferrred prosecution (completion of probration 90 96) eligeble for expungment

    injury to real property --- prayer for judement. I have to reopen this case and plea guilty and then wait until it is alowed expungment

    poss of marijuana--dismissed by the DA
    poss of para --dissmissed by the DA

    So I was never actually convicted of none of these charger HOWEVER THEY DO SHOW UP ON MY BACKGROUND CHECK UNTIL MY EXPUNGMENT IS COMPLETE IN 6-12 MONTHS

    So, my question is do you think with this all being on my record that I will be able to continue with the ADN program and the clinical sites will give me their approval? Does anyone have any success stories similar to this?
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  3. by   BSN_Studnt
    Hi, thank you for your post & your open honesty. I have been through the same process with my BSN-RN program. I was charged and sent to jail for hitting my dad after he hit me when I was 17 ( which is considered an adult in the state I live in) so I went to jail for 40 hours and was bailed out by my parents as you have to go to jail when its domestic stuff. Anyways I never went to court , nor were the charges sent to the DA , as my dad & I went to police station separately stating he didn't want to press charges and I was sorry for the event. Well about 7 companies/depratments had my ARREST record so I had to pay about 700$ for expungement. I received a blue card from the DON and passed my background check. I also know MANY other students with possession of MJ & DWI's . A friend of mine has 2 DWI's and had to appear in front of the DON for my school and eventually that person was accepted and doing clinicals w/ me and is a good friend of mine. How this helps. Ask me questions if you need to
  4. by   Klowman8691
    Thank you for your reply it made me feel some what better about my chances. I am sorry that happened to you but glad it all worked out in the end. I live in NC and I am just hoping that since I have had no other convictions and all of those were dismissed that I will be able to continue on. The problem is just seeing the nature of the charges without hearing the story behind it :/ I am hoping they will take into account that I was 17 and I am now almost 25.
    In your honest opinion do you think I will get approved for clinical sites?

    I would have gotten them all expunged, but I didn't think I made it into the program. Now being accepted just one month before the start of the program, as an alternate, I don't have the time. However, it will begin the process on July 27th. If they take in all the factors I should be okay, right?
  5. by   BSN_Studnt
    Yes, as long as those charges have been dismissed.
  6. by   Klowman8691
    Thank you!!

    I pray you're right <3
  7. by   Klowman8691
    Thank you! They have, I will speak with one of the nursing heads tomorrow. Pray for me<3
  8. by   the_murse_factor
    Nursing school is not the issue, whether your states BON allow you to sit for the NCLEX is the bigger fish to fry. You may just have to jump through some extra hoops when it's time to sit for the NCLEX
  9. by   Nurse Beth
    Quote from the_murse_factor
    Nursing school is not the issue, whether your states BON allow you to sit for the NCLEX is the bigger fish to fry. You may just have to jump through some extra hoops when it's time to sit for the NCLEX
    Right....nursing school background checks are typically at the state level (Department of Justice) whereas board of nursing (BON) background checks are at the FBI level. Expungements are discoverable at the FBI level.

    Unfortunately, passing your nursing school check does not mean you will or will not pass your BON check at a later date.

    Don't worry about your clinical sites- clinical sites do not typically run checks on nursing students. Clinical sites have agreements with nursing programs that nursing students are qualified in all areas, such as TB screening, background checks, etc.

    Best wishes for you my friend, Here's a related article: "How to Write an Explanatory Letter to the BON For a Criminal Infraction" that may help you down the road.
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  10. by   twinsmom788
    Just a quick reply to let you know that in most states your background check will be on the FBI level and everything that you have expunged will show up. On your letter to the Board, PLEASE make it brief and to the point. Not to be redundant and sound like Dragnet, please stick to the facts and just briefly state what happened. Don't bring in personal relationships, etc, etc...
  11. by   FolksBtrippin
    The BON in any state cannot deny your license for any arrests in which you are not convicted or found not guilty.

    If you intend to plead guilty to something that is a different story.

    Think twice before pleading guilty to something just to have it expunged. If you never plead guilty and are not found guilty, no expungement is necessary.
  12. by   rll123
    does it make a difference if I had a dui which i was found innocent in 1997? but I also had a dwi in 1986 with a pbj. It was a long long time ago! im 49 and starting nursing school soon.
  13. by   CCRN2BE
    I would guess that two factors will work in your favor, one being the time that has elapsed and the fact that you are no longer a teenager (as you mentioned). The other is that you were not arrested or charged with any violent crimes or causing direct harm to a victim (assault, rape, etc.)

    Good luck in the future.
  14. by   bruin2010

    I faced something similar. I was accepted to a BSN program and during orientation the nursing dept chair told everyone that the criminal background check that they used uncovered any misdemeanors/felonies we wouldn't be able to attend clinical. The only way out of it was making sure your charged was expunged. I think you should be ok since you were not formally charged. I wouldn't worry too much, talk to your chair and see what they say. Best of luck!