should I call a nurse manager directly about a job?

  1. I graduated in August with my ASN and passed boards in September. Like everyone else, I have applied for over 100 jobs and have only had one interview (didn't get the job). However, I have a friend who is a CNA at a local hospital. She says they are hiring 8 nurses on her unit. I have already applied for those 8 jobs online. Last week she sent the nurse manager an email about me saying I was a new grad and top in my class. She went on about how great a fit she thought I'd be, etc. then she left my resume on her desk. A few days later I emailed the nurse manager saying I heard there were jobs and I was attaching my resume and to please consider me. I have heard nothing back. Should I call the nurse manager on the phone and follow up, or is that just annoying? If so, what do I say? I'm not really the stalking/harassing type. One girl in our class got her job at the hospital by calling HR EVERY SINGLE DAY! After they hired her they told her she was completely annoying. But they hired her.Any advice?
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    If the unit is down 8 nurses, the manager is very busy right now. However, based on what you described, if you don't hear anything for a week or two, then go ahead and call
  4. by   amarilla really depends. Everyone always has these stories of knowing someone who got a job by being pushy or obnoxious, but I've never seen it work myself. I spent the last six months applying nonstop trying to get into a specific specialty, networking and building my skills/resume but not getting any callbacks. I finally got a nibble and landed the position I wanted two months ago, despite being in a saturated area (NYC metro.) Persistence does have its rewards. I applied the regular way - online apps and endless resume submissions.

    Should you call? Sure, I suppose, as long as you're prepared to accept what the NM says and then let it drop. S/he might say, 'yes, thank you, it's just been very busy here' and schedule a time to talk, or 'who is this? You do know everything is handled by HR, right?' and a brushoff. My last NM wouldn't respond to direct e-mails or voice mails from external candidates; one day last year, she called security to escort out an overeager applicant who showed up uninvited at her office to follow up on an application. Some people really do not respond favorably to those bending the rules.

    Keep applying elsewhere in the interim and good luck.
  5. by   sommeil
    I didn't call her because I didn't want to seem pushy.

    Turns out they are doing interviews this week for the positions. I never got called so no interview for me.

    totally bummed.
  6. by   Ntheboat2
    I wouldn't stop being aggressive! I have no idea...this is just a guess....but maybe (just maybe) your friend who works there isn't the best source/reference? I don't know your friend, but when I worked as a tech on a busy unit the nurse manager was always telling us to send people her way! If she didn't call you after all that...maybe you shouldn't use her next time. No offense. I could be completely wrong.

    I graduate in December and tons of my classmates already have jobs. Last week I started feeling a little behind the crowd so I started applying to all kinds of positions online, and for the ones I REALLY wanted, I followed up with an email directly to the recruiter or manager that said, "I recently applied for X position. I just want to follow up with a resume which I've attached and introduce myself." I got a few emails back that said, "Thanks for your interest. We are looking for someone immediately and you don't graduate until December, but please contact me again when it's closer to time." I figured that's better than nothing. They really didn't have to respond! So, I will contact them when it's closer to time...

    Then, I got an email back saying, "we will contact you soon," and they called me the next day. I had an interview, and tentatively have a job lined up for a January start date. It's at a state hospital that's a little farther from home than I'm crazy about, but I'm going to keep looking and keep that as my back up. It actually is in the field I really want to work in. I also applied for a couple jobs with a fairly large hospital system in the area today. Afterward, I sent the recruiter for that system an email saying, "Hi. My name is blah blah...I applied for some jobs today and was just wondering if there are any career fairs coming up in the area soon?" Really...I'm hoping she'll take the time to pull up my application and forward it on, but it was a good "in." I'm sure she'll at least email me back.

    I was hesitant at first about emailing people directly and didn't know if it was a professional thing to do, but I figured....they are never going to see me or hear from me again anyway if they don't like it. If they do like it then it could land me a job. Actually, it did..the very next day. Keep on being'll happen for you!
  7. by   TeaPlease
    I interviewed with a DON last week and was told I had the job. I've called HR to follow up and was told that they're still interviewing. Kind of sitting on my hands here as i don't want to stir up any adversity......keep putting the applications in, and try not to get discouraged!