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Had an interview for an SICU position yesterday. I thought it went really well, but it is torture waiting for a call. I know it may not even be til next week that I know anything. I would be THE... Read More

  1. by   jordannm
    I'm in the same boat!! two interviews in the past month (micu and ccu) and waiting waiting waiting... starting to get nervous since those were the only interviews I've had thus far! I'm scared I messed up ah!
  2. by   travelcat18
    Well, the shadow experience went great (from my point of view). The nurses I shadowed seemed like a family...one I would like to join. I asked a lot of questions....they seemed to just roll off the tongue, because I was honestly interested and wanted to learn.

    Now, I wait! Ahhhhh!

    Thanks for the congratulatory comments and good luck to those of you still waiting to hear!
  3. by   travelcat18
    Just wanted to follow up to say I got the job!!!!!!!! I'm super excited!!!
  4. by   MissRNBlue803
    Quote from travelcat18
    Just wanted to follow up to say I got the job!!!!!!!! I'm super excited!!!
    Congrats on getting the job!!!!
  5. by   Gem0607
    Congrats. Still waiting for decisions to made from my interview. It's so nerve wrecking and as someone else mentioned I'm running on money fumes as well.
  6. by   heartNICU
    Congrats!!! I'm excited for you!

    I forgot to update, but I did hear back from those last two interviews within just a couple of days-- both gave me offers! I am so excited to say I will be starting out in NICU! (My dream specialty!!)

    On a side note, I still haven't heard back from that first interview and it's been a whole month! Glad I'm not still waiting next to the phone for that one...!
  7. by   monieebologniee
    I feel the same way!! i had my interview yesterday (friday) and the HR director said she would call me this weekend and if she doesn't call by monday to call her..im sooo nervous every time i think about it i get nauseous lol. do they usually say that they will call you and if not you call them??