Timetable for residency hiring

  1. What is the typical hiring timetable for hospitals having new grad nursing residencies in the summer months? i.e. When are resident positions posted? When are applications due? When are those selected notified (given job offers)? etc.

    I am trying to plan the summer new grad hiring for my hospital and want to know what the current trends are.

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  3. by   oops I bradyed again
    In my area it seems that most applications open in April/May, interviews and hiring decision take place in June/July, and new grads start their residencies in August.
  4. by   cleback
    It depends on the facility. I've seen as early as the fall before.

    The program near me has a deadline of Dec 1. Another program had no hard deadline but most applied in sept-oct.
  5. by   llg
    Well ... those 2 responses really show the wide range of possibilities. Can some more people respond please to give me a sense of what is common?

  6. by   adventure_rn
    It is so highly dependent on the region. I've seen East Coast apps open in November and close in January (offers made in May), and I've seen CA hospitals not allow nurses to even apply until they have passed the NCLEX and their licensure has been processed (so applying mid-May to early-June at the earliest).

    One thing I've noticed is that even though the national timeframes vary widely, within a given region it seems that most hospitals will have a similar timeframe. For instance, if you have two major hospitals in the area, both may open apps in November to December, and close them in January to February. Whatever the 'local norm' is, hospitals tend to stick to it pretty closely (from what I've seen, anyway). Presumably, the reason is so that hospitals don't miss out on the herd of local new grads who are all applying to other hospitals at the same time. If a hospital close applications too early, they miss students who didn't realize that the application had even opened yet. If they open too late, they may only get the 'stragglers' since the stronger candidates have accepted offers at other facilities.
  7. by   chare
    We generally interview early/mid April and extend offers late May, with an early July start date.

    Most of the other facilities in my area use a similar time line.
  8. by   llg
    Thanks, everyone. I know if varies by region, but as my hospital recruits from several regions, I am trying to get a sense as to what is most common. So, the more examples of timetables, the better. I appreciate all of your input.
  9. by   verene
    In my local region it is:
    Applications Sept/Oct, interviews Nov/Dec for Jan/Feb start date.
    Applications April/May, interviews June/July for Aug/Sept start date.

    Most local nursing schools graduate their classes June and/or December so the start dates give grads time to test and get licensed with the BON.
  10. by   Nurse Beth
    It varies by facility and you have to closely track their job boards.

    For example, Cedars-Sinai had an open posting window of only 48 hours. Some have year round windows. My facility in central Cal has 4 cohorts this year, but only 2 two years ago. Even facilities change their times year to year based on need and competition. All the time.

    It would be a mistake to generalize. What you can do is look at when colleges graduate: typically May-June and some in Decemeber.