graduated 2 yrs ago and just now entering nursing. HELP!!!

  1. I graduated with my associates degree two years ago and have now just worked up the courage to enter into nursing. I have been working as a nanny since graduation but would like to take advantage of my degree now. I was just wondering how in the world to make my resume/cover letter look like it belongs to someone that they should hire. I have no experience as a nurse besides my two years in school, didnt make super wonderful grades in school, and dont belong to any nursing organizations or anything so I really am in need of any advice you may offer. I dont know where to start or what to do. Help please!!
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    You need to come up with some kind of positive spin for why you stayed a nanny for 2 years. Something that a reference check could kind of verify. ? devotion to family or something? You are going to have a rough time and maybe need a refresher course.
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Yep. Better start looking into refresher courses. Two years is a long time in this market to be outside of clinical experience.
  5. by   netglow
    2 years? that is common now. No excuses needed.

    I've met a huge amount of people who have not entered healthcare much less nursing since 2007 even, I have kept tabs on this and always network to see what's up. I've also found out that it's the same for new dental hygienists.

    In Illinois we have so many nursing schools we could staff any takers of new grads for the entire country. I am not kidding.

    So don't worry about getting your resume out there, when it's most likely that you won't be flooded with offers. So all your anxiety is most likely for naught.
  6. by   ChrissybRN
    I am sort of in the same position as you. I graduated with my ASN in may 2009 I finally passed my boards June 2011 ( had alot of personal things going on after graduation then it took me 4 times to pass the boards). I have been looking for a job since June and have gotten nowhere. Nurses I know tell me it shouldn't matter when I graduated bc we all have to start somewhere and learn the most on the job especially orientation. I would love to get my BSN but I would like to get a job first and work for at least a few months then go back to school. Would love to know more about a Refresher course??? I'm pretty desperate now. Good luck do not give up!!
  7. by   Nurseynurse2011
    I graduated in 2009. Passed my NCLEX in August 2011. I just got an RN job in LTC. Good luck to you, don't feel discouraged.
  8. by   giavanna
    Hi everyone,

    I have a question about the hiring process in Summerlin hospital in las vegas. I just want to know if anyone of you had an experience with summerlin hospital? I just got interviewed last week and I don't know if I did well. I would appreciate any reply. I am anxious because I really want to get a position at med/tele unit. thank you!