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  1. I'm a new grad RN who graduated with my BSN in August. In September, I moved from PA to Hawaii (Oahu) to be with my boyfriend who is here for the Army. I heard nursing jobs were hard to get before I got here, but I didn't know it would be anything like this. I've literally called everywhere on the island and no one is hiring new grads right now. I've applied to several nurse's aid positions at a couple different hospitals and keep getting rejected, which is beyond frustrating considering I am overqualified for those positions. I've even applied for RN positions at clinics and health centers, which didn't require experience, but I've still had no luck.

    I just recently applied for my Hawaii RN license, so maybe once I get that I'll have more luck finding something. I'm thinking about applying to nursing homes or hospice/home health even though that won't count towards a year of acute care experience. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get a nursing job or know anyone at the hospitals here I can talk to about it? I am so frustrated since I worked so hard for 4 years and did so well grade wise in school and especially since most of the people I graduated with already have RN jobs back home. I appreciate any suggestions/advice anyone may have. Thanks!
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    Can you move back to PA until you get experience or is that a "no can do"?
  4. by   mmgirlsmom
    I know someone that recently moved to HI because her husband is in the services. She was a nurse for many years before moving and she cannot find a job. She is currently working at Target. Unfortunately I do not think there are a lot of options in HI.
  5. by   serenitylove14
    1) Check your resume
    2) Check your coverletter
    3) Keep applying! Im in the same situation as you but didnt move to HI, but you just have to apply to everything including home health, nursing homes, schools, etc.

    My friends mother is a nurse and she told me that the job market for new grads is rough but to apply to a job even if it requires experience. Call HR every week to check on status of application. She said eventually they will see you really want a job and hire you.

    ALSO, on another part of your post. You can not work as a aide with your RN (the reason I had to leave my last job). If something goes down at the place you work at you will have to act as an RN and not an aide and if you dont you may loose your license.

    Goodluck! I know its rough but you will be ok. Just keep trying.
  6. by   iwantmore
    You question whether you should apply to nursing homes, etc. Nursing experience will count for something, even if it is not in the field you desire. Don't count it out, you may even like it...
  7. by   nyteshade
    Most employers won't even look at your resume without your Hawaii license number, so yes that may open doors when you finally get it.
  8. by   military spouse
    I think you have to ask yourself some personal questions. How vested are you in this relationship? Is he willing to support you? Can he live off base? Can you live without health insurance? If you can't find a job there, but can find one in PA, are you willing to possibly give up a career before you even had one. The answer to all of these questions might be yes and that's okay. Just make sure this relationship is one that both of you are willing to make tremendous sacrifices for. If you plan on getting married, you will get Tricare, he will get a housing allowance, you should get some sort of prioritized hiring at govt jobs (never amounted to much for me), etc. Good luck! Huge decisions!!
  9. by   sugarwahine10
    My mom is a nurse manager in Oahu & she told me even if you have your BSN(which is good since at her hospital they only really look at the BSN apps now) they won't hire new grads. Can you go back to PA & work for even 6 months in a hospital & then go back to your husband? Even with that small amount of experience, it should make a big difference & enable you to get a job on the island then in a hospital.
  10. by   paRN12
    thank you for all of the advice/suggestions! I actually applied for a new grad nurse residency program back in September at a big hospital in PA and didn't get asked to interview. Before I applied to switch my license over to Hawaii, I tried looking up jobs in PA near where I'm from and there either weren't many available, or none open for new grads. I think I am going to give it until the summer and see if I can find anything here and if not, consider moving somewhere else to get a job.

    Military spouse- My boyfriend is a doctor and in the Army, so luckily he has been able to support me and says he will continue to until I find a job. Which is nice, however, I want to be able to support myself and actually use my degree that I worked so hard for. I'm only 22 and still under my parents health insurance, so luckily that hasn't been a concern for me yet. We have talked about marriage, but it probably wouldn't be for a while. I even applied for a nursing job at the army hospital he works at, and didn't get it even though it said online I was qualified for it. Every time I call there and ask about jobs, they ask me if I'm in the military or a military spouse. When I say no, they tell me I need to volunteer for a year with the red cross and then they will consider hiring me for a nursing job. Do you really think if I was a military spouse it would help me get a job there? I somehow doubt it, but it still makes me wonder.