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I have been assigned the task to determine what is the standard of how many IV attempts is appropriate for one nurse (ex. 2 attempts per patient is most common in my experience) anyone have any links... Read More

  1. by   pwp1289
    we have an iv team to start ivs and they are usually excellent at starting them--i only try 2 times before calling icu for an expert
  2. by   WhiteCaps
    3 strikes and we're out! Tho we often give up at 2.
  3. by   dreamon
    I love the nurses that never miss..they are great.

    I have been through the torture of getting stuck 6 times in one arm, and four in the next.(ahe same person, I guess she didn't want to ask for help) I was them sent from that clinic and told to go to the main hospital's lab and see if someone there could get it.

    I walked in and sat down, and on the first try, a nurse got my blood drawn, I thanked her over and over.

    I hope I am as successful as she is in getting the job done.
  4. by   Louie18
    They called me "One-Poke-Lou" and I'd say I hit about 80%.
  5. by   TraumaNurse
    2 attempts for awake patients unless in an emergency and no one else to help. Otherwise, if intubated and sedated, several more stabs won't hurt. If your IV Karma is off, get someone else who is having a better day because everyone has their good days and bad.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Three strikes and you're out is our facility policy.

    Then you call the nurse manager for day shift, or the coordinator/IV nurse for night shift.
  7. by   Chrislynn2003
    Huh, as a patient myself in the hospital, I was stuck more than twice by one nurse. I have been stuck at least 4 times by one nurse. An anesthesiologist stuck me 5 times prior to surgery and still could not get access to a good vein. I've had people use heating pads and everything still with no luck.
  8. by   Nurse89
    Our policy: 3 strikes = out. I think 2 is enough, but lots of times, the 3rd times a charm...and...enough already...ouch!
  9. by   nurse51rn
    It's 2 tries at our place, too. Then I call the CRM. I've found that if I don't get it the 1st try, I won't get it the 2nd.
  10. by   dprayvd
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  11. by   wif411
    I usually try 2. But if I see the third one and it looks better and says "stick it here" I will try. But never more than 3 unless code and only RN.
  12. by   Retired Nurse
    Just say a quick prayer to St. Anthony. He helps find things. Including veins.
  13. by   kdblueey

    Two times is the "standard" times any nurse should attempt to start an IV. (At least that is what I have heard); Keep in mind --
    the patient-- at all times!!