not sure if RN is right for me

  1. Hi, i'm new to this message board.

    Here's my dillemma: graduated BA 10 years ago and enrolled this fall in a community college, hoping to get into the MSN bridge program after 2 years. Thing is, science subjects are alien to me and I'm taking A&P I right now. Geezzz!!! the memorization kills me esp that i work full time and i have Biochem and psych with that. I dont know if its because i'm a BA graduate (my GPA was 3.5) that i have a hard time with science majors. My first two quizzes was really bad (76) and i wonder if nursing is really for me.

    I'm thnking if i cut on my work hours and spend extra time studying this mind-boggling subjects or drop subjects. I really want to be a nurse for a second career but seems like its not working on my favor.

    Please advise
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  3. by   Enright
    Hi Paula. Many , many of us here are 2nd career nurses. I left a career and BS in criminal justice for my BSN and a nursing career. I do have a couple suggestions.

    1. Any reason you are going right for a MSN? You may be overloading yourself. I've worked full time and gone to nursing school and it is hard. Unless you are dead set on the MSN program, you could look at BSN programs that accelerate the process for those with degrees. You'll get to actually being a nurse a lot faster.

    2. Don't be so hard on yourself. I thought "hey, I'm just going for a BSN, why is this so hard?"....truth is, it IS hard. And far more rigorous than many earlier BS/BA programs we went through. Also, you are learning stuff you may have no frame of reference for. Pharmacology sent me reeling.

    An MSN may open some doors but remember, any RN license is essentially the paycheck equivalent of another. Most of my MSN friends make less than I do with a BSN. It is a bizarre truth in the nursing world. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Katnip
    Most sciences are pretty tough, especially if you're taking a lab with them, because it's almost like two classes in one. Taking 3 sciences and working full-time is really, really tough.

    I agree with Enright, too. An MSN might not be what you need. I too had a bachelor's in business and after working in the travel industry decided to go into my first love. I think starting with a BSN is probably the best choice. Once I find my niche, then I'll worry about an MSN.

    Whatever you decide, take it a little easier on yourself.
  5. by   Harleyhead
    Nursing is a tough subject. Cutting back on your work hours and getting more study time is probably the thing to do. Think about those other sugestions of the BSN. Good Luck
  6. by   KellyandtheBoys
    I think what might be difficult is going right for the MSN degree. I think that both B.A. and B.S. degrees are dificult to obtain. And I respect people who get either degree. But, they are very different.
    Like you had written without much of a science backround you are taking MASTERS level classes in science. That would be difficult even for those with the science backround. Furthermore, you are working full time. Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Since you want to become a nurse I would suggest starting with classes at your college or community college to get your career started. Then after completing some of these classes you will know #1 if nursing is for you. # 2 you will have more recent study in the sciences. Once you've been nursing for a while you can decide when to pursue your MSN

    Best Wishes
  7. by   CATHYW
    I agree with what the other posters have said, esp. Harleyhead. A & P IS tough, but the memorization is essential. We do not all learn all things at the same pace, either. I would consider cutting work hours, and dropping Biochem. You are looking at some seriously intense studying, for all 3 classes! When you set your next schedule, try to balance the classes somewhat-such as 1 very study-intense class per semester/quarter, mixed with a couple of less demanding courses.
    When you have a good GPA, it is a big blow to get a 76, but those can definitely be overcome. Give yourself a break-you won't get an A in A & P, but there is no reason you can't get a good, respectable B. Unless I miss my guess, your first two tests have been on bones and muscles, right? Just keep reviewing your study materials when you study new material, and yuo will know where everything is, and what it is called. Good luck!

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