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;) Hi everyone. I am a first year nursing student with two small children. I am now entering my second semester (I'm in a 2 yr. RN program). Last semester was very difficult with regard to... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    My children aren't the problem (ages 16,13,9 & 7)
    My husband is.
    He demands all my attention and grumbles and whines if I tell him I have to study. He has to be by my side at all times, and when he talks to me, If I don't pay strict attention to him, he gets whiney and stomps away. He ALWAYS comes up with something to argue about when I have a test the next day, and frankly, I can honestly see why the divorce rate is so high with students in nursing school.
  2. by   schrandt
    Pulled off my ADN with 2 little kids, 1 & 3. Had 2 more after I graduated (wouldn'[t believe the crap I put up with--like didn't I learn how to prevent that? ect. Oh well. Went back to school after last 2 were in school. Yes it's extremely tough, think I got thru on sheer determination and tons of caffiene. Mother in law was horrified when I signed up for 16 credit hrs once-said I could never do it (Big Red Flag!!!) So I said sure I could my goal was deans list. Made it, but it did just about kill me off!
    I too had a husband that was more of a child than my kids were. He was the worst-glad he's the ex. My husband now is the most supportive man around, he'll let me do anything I want (would anyway) and he even cooks!! If I have a heavy load of computer work to do (am STILL in school), he'll bring supper to me right where I sit.
  3. by   researchrabbit
    I had one kid in elementary and one kid in middle school when I went to nursing school as a divorced parent. Our family time was sitting around the kitchen table doing homework (we'd quiz each other for tests). The older kid was doing anatomy at the same time I was so we really got some good studying done.

    It must not have been too bad; she wants to be a nurse now. Both kids remain pretty organized about their homework, too.
  4. by   Teshiee
    The kids really wouldn't be the problem it would more likely be the spouses. Children are resilient you can break it down with kids and they would be more understanding. Husbands, boyfriends oh man! I was single going to school for that very reason, talk about sabotage!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   Danielle4
    Gosh, I am inspired by your words and determination. I wonder how you all do it.

    I think you are all great nurses. It takes a special person to be a mom.
  6. by   nursenatalie
    I can remember crying all the way home many days after school. I was so upset because I had so much work to do that evening and I had missed my daughter so much during the day. I usually got out of school by three and would pick up my daughter from daycare. My husband gets home at 1830 and I would make it a point to spend that time with my daughter. She enjoyed helping me cook supper and we would play together. Even on days I had a clinical prep to do I would always spend that time with her. After we ate my husband and daughter would take a bath and I would begin homework. This often meant staying up until midnight but I got used to it. Studying with fellow students is very important! I believe if you can read together and talk about the content you will retain more information. Good luck, stick with it, you are doing great!!
  7. by   caliotter3
    I had an out-of-control teen ager to deal with while I was in nrsg school. In some small way, this contributed to my failure to graduate. No husband, no support from anyone. When my daughter was molested by a school administrator I must admit, that it was one of my univ instructors that I went to for advice on how to proceed. Unfortunately, circumstances did not help either my daughter or me. Thank heaven, that you have a husband to help. If you have to, make plans to leave the house and go to the library to study. That is the best advice I can offer. Other than that, try to find other students w/kids and form a common support/study group. You would be amazed what a group of students can do to help each other succeed. My prayers are with you.
  8. by   caliotter3
    BTW, speaking of husbands: one of my classmates (who happened to be a working LVN going for her BSN) and a child, said that she noticed that her husband loved to torment her about going to further her education to b/c an RN but he sure never complained about spending her LVN paycheck!
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I don't know how I did it, but I did, and you can too. I started LPN school when I was 23, had a 3 year old, a 2 year old, a drunken husband, non supportive parents and was six months pregnant.
    The DON took one look at my belly first day of class and flat out told me I'd never finish.
    I had the baby first day of 1st semester finals week. Instructors brought my tests to the hospital!!!!!!!!! Next week was break. Week after was CPR/first aid training - allowed to defer and make up at end of school. Three day break. Missed two days of class, and went from then on.
    I remember vividly typing a paper with one hand, while breastfeeding the baby with the other, and keeping an eye on the other two while they played. My babysitter would quit, I would call my mom to sit while I went to school and she would refuse, tell me to stay my a$$ home with the kids and quit running off to some stupid school. I would find someone else.
    Kids weren't the problem. I missed them, they missed me, they weren't real thrilled with the babysitter, but it worked. Husband was the real problem. Which is why he's the ex now.
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! Believe you can. You can and you will!!!!
  10. by   Sally_ICURN
    you can do it, you really can!!!

    it took me seven years to complete my nursing education (including pre-reqs) and finally graduate. at the beginning, my two oldest kids were finishing up high school...they graduated in 1995 and 1996. during those last couple of years in high school my kids and i went through the application process and shopped around for universities. jump ahead 4 years...both my kids graduated from their persepective universities in 1999 and 2001. my graduation and my second oldest child's graduation were 2 weeks apart! i was an "a" student and recognized by my school as "student nurse of the year." that looked really nice on my resume!! while all this was going on i had a 4 year old (who's almost 14 now) and i was a single parent. we were broke, we applied for all the financial aid and scholarships we could and i exhausted a saving account that i had for years and years. i'm still a single parent and both my oldest are back in school, one in grad school in a doctorate program and one taking pre-reqs for nursing!! my youngest is an honor roll student in his jr. high!

    my oldest, who is 25 now, has thanked me for showing them when they were hard-headed teenagers in highschool that if you put your mind in it and work as hard as you can, than you can do just aabout anything you want. and i think that's true. i think i was a good example for them to model and even though my youngest was so young at the time, i think the success of his sisters and myself has rubbed off on him as well.

    if i can do it, you can too!'s not easy.


    p.s. my nearest family was almost 2000 miles away, but my ex lived nearby (thank gawd!). i'm tellin' ya, you can do it!
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  11. by   StudentRN
    Oh yes nursing school and children!!! The first day of our 1st semester one of our instructors told us if we had kids and we thought it would hurt them to not have enough time with them to drop that very day. I couldn't believe she said it, but she tells us all the time kids come first, but then assigns 200 pages of reading in one night. I think it is her way of not hearing anyone say, but I have no time for my kids/family.

    Anyway you can do it!! I am a prefectionist and I had to get rid of that part when it comes to house cleaning and laundry. I drove myself crazy and stayed up late many nights in the beginning of last semester to try to keep up. I finally gave in and said if I have dust up to the ceiling I am not dusting...I did just the bare minimum and the day after my finals cleaned the house....this semester I said to my dh who is supportive but works 12 to 14 hours a day I am not dusting until May!!

    My kids a 9, 8, & 7 and they can microwave any dinner in the freezer like pro's!! I try to cook a crockpot meal here and there or order out...Studing is my #1 priority and everyone knows it even if they don't like it too much! "O" I also gave the kids a you can not get sick while mommy is in school rule....LOL I am lucky to have my parents close enough if someone is sick they can cover! Good Luck and try to relax!!!!!!!!
  12. by   sandyth
    Dont be afraid to lean on people for support. My kids were 8,9, 11 when I went back to school; its tough, but people are willing to help a lot for u to reach your dreams. My kids are now 11, 12, 14 and I am sending in my app to obtain my BSN and on to FNP. Husbands not happy about it but oh well.
  13. by   dragonfly954
    I went through LPN training with a 3 yr old,a 2 yr old yr old, and pregnant and delivered during the program.I was also a single parent by the end of the program.Lots of fun.One girl I went to RN school with had 4 including an infant,single,and a job.We all graduated,never had any sleep for 2 years,were broke all the time,etc.It will eventually end and it will be ok!A routine helps and a back up for the back up when the kids are sick or out of school always helps.