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I am interested in knowing if any facilities allow a person to leave the facility for their lunch break. In my facility it is sort of an unwritten rule that you hang around at least in the building... Read More

  1. by   CraftyLPN
    WHAT LUNCH BREAK?!?!?! Lately @ our LTC our florr has been isolated d/t flu and URI's...for the last 3 days I've beem on the floor alone......we're supposed to get a 20 min lunch ..but it doesn't always happen......
  2. by   katscan
    Why Why Why as nursing professionals have we allowed ourselves to be treated less than common ordinary workers with less than professional training.?? Why have we deteriorated into a profession that does not allow common ordinary needs to be met??? I will never understand this.. I went to college for 5 years and have never held a common job that did not allow bathroom breaks and meal breaks. We well be treated as we allow ourselves to be treated.
  3. by   Venti Cappucino
    Interesting tidbit:

    Until 1998, there was no federally mandated right to a bathroom break, at work.
  4. by   moonshadeau
    Just an update-

    I would like everyone to know that after 2 1/2 years I still cannot go to the cafeteria to eat lunch, if I get a break at all in my 12 hour shift.

    How many of you are still working without your breaks?
  5. by   Mimi2RN
    Our lunch breaks are sporadic, but never in the letter of the law. We are supposed to have a 30 min break when we are not responsible for our patients. If no-one is able to come in and cover our patients, it's hard to leave the unit for that length of time.

    If I have had time to eat, but it's been broken up by alarms going off, etc. I charge for my break. We are never paid the penalty that is part of the CA labor law.

    I think they will.....eventually.
  6. by   Mart24
    Thanks for the note about your lunch break problems. We have a 15 minute break early in the shift and late in the shift plus our lunch 30 min break. My problem as supervisor is getting everyone a 30 min break over the lunch hour. This does not happen often but enough that I do not like it. Nurses need the 30 min break to get away from the floor. I have met with the nursing union reps here and have proposed that if I have too many people to relieve for breaks I will give a 15 min break during the lunch hour to some of the staff so they can eat quick or at least get food. Then I will relieve them or floor staff will relieve them for a 30 min break later in the shift. So far it is working.
  7. by   greeneggsnham
    lets see, lunch break? Oh yeah, thats when the pharmacy delivers medications, when Dr's offices call with orders, and when the Education department chooses to give us our inservices (and no, we do not get paid lunches)!
  8. by   lanilpn
    I always beleived in scheduled lunch breaks-but they don't always work. i was always the one waiting for peple to return from their lunch so that i could go-worked in m.d. office. my doctor ALWAYS ran behind. by time they all got back i would get 10min. the unit couldn't be without a nurse present. when i went to my supervisor it turned out to cause more trouble. i didn't know that my doctor went to the manager complaning that my supervisor was doing a bad job cause i wasn't getting a lunch. my supervisor made such a big deal about how i HAD to leave the floor right at 12:30 , and wouldn't let up till i left.

    i think that if you work together with all the staff, a common ground can be met so that all get a lunchand patients are not neglected.

    in a perfect world it would work great for all.
    i hope you come to that common ground

  9. by   Mart24
    I think your supervisor has a problem. It is your right to get a lunch break and she needs to keep you informed about what is happening if yours is delayed. Also, she seems to hold grudges. Bad trait in a supervisor.
  10. by   lanilpn
    I agree with you mart24, she does hold grudges- i no longer work there. she did make life pretty difficult when she came in. She was quick to blame others. i went to the office manager, but that didn't do any good( they are freinds outside of work-why she got the job). thank goodness i'm no longer there
  11. by   dragonfly954
    We are made to take a 30 min break unpaid.If you don't take lunch you get written up.You are not allowed to leave the facility and have to carry a wireless phone in case the covering nurse needs to ask you a question.No breaks are scheduled by managment.Only 2 can go for a lunch/smoke break at the same time.You can't eat at the nurses station.What I encounter is most will take lunch breaks early and start their other breaks even before everyone has gotten a lunch because their friends from another floor are on lunch.No one says anything because mgt and these few nurses are friendly on the outside of work.If you say anything,watch out.New administrator and a suggestion box outside her door solved that for awhile.Our biggest reason for wanting to leave on break was on payday:bank right across the street.Mgt told us we had direct deposit available!
  12. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by greeneggsnham
    lets see, lunch break? Oh yeah, thats when the pharmacy delivers medications, when Dr's offices call with orders, and when the Education department chooses to give us our inservices (and no, we do not get paid lunches)!
    I think that with team work and excellent time management you can get break in acute care...Don't be a martyr-
  13. by   RNKPCE
    I have heard you can leave the grounds for a lunch break but by the time you get to your car and go anywhere you would have to turn around and come back. We are suppose to get 2 15 min breaks and 30 min unpaid lunch. What we usually get is a 30-45 min lunch( if it is not out of control we combine one break with lunch) and eat in nurses break room on the floor. Never take the 2nd 15 min break. The breaks are suppose to be space evenly with lunch falling in the middle. Yeah right. on 3-11 how would that work. Out of report at 3:30, make rounds on patients. before you know it, it is 5p the cafeteria opens and the first group goes to lunch. Cafe closes at 7:30 weekdays, 7p weekends. Some people have to leave the floor to buy food before it closes but eat it later.

    Also we do get paid a full extra hour for each meal or 15 min break missed, this is law. It doesn't happen too often on my shift but we do charge for and we don't work for free.

    When ratios in Calif are implemented and you can't cover anyones patients if it puts you over the ratio it should be interesting to see how many meals or breaks are missed.