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I have noticed from day one in here that many RNs use some of the poorest English and grammar I have ever seen. I am sure that we were required to take English as a requirement to graduate from... Read More

  1. by   zicovico
    Quote from bsnecu99
    Yes, I have noticed that also, but not as much as foreign MDs and their discharge summaries! Ever read any of those nightmares? Wrong subject, wrong verb, run-on sentances, and so on. We used to laugh about them in the nursing home where I worked! If we can't enforce English as a language, we most certainly can't assume that it will be used in a professional way!

    Why the attack against foreign MDs? I guess you are talking about their accent or their way of communicating. "We used to laugh about them in the nursing home where I worked!" It is professional and ethical to laugh at somebody because of the way he or she talks? I think such unprofessional and primitive behavior should be shun in the Nursing profession.
  2. by   zicovico
    Quote from ktwlpn
    We have debated this topic ad nauseum over the years....Many of us use this forum to relax-think "nurse's lounge" Taking shortcuts in our posts does not mean that we are un-professional in our charting and communication in realtime...There seems to be 2 groups here-the first thinks that we should be able to say anything here and the second thinks we have to "front" because the public does have access to this site...Personally I don't feel that proper grammar and correct spelling is really what makes a good nurse....I do think that being as non-judgemental as possible IS important....
    "Personally I don't feel that proper grammar and correct spelling is really what makes a good nurse....I do think that being as non-judgemental as possible IS important...." I am 100% with you on that. It is people like that that discriminate and habor bitterness and resentment to fellow employee because who they are. "Whatsoever you would that man should do to you, do ye even the same to them."
  3. by   zicovico
    Quote from reprise
    As a medical consumer, I find the notion of semi-literate healthcare professionals extremely scary. How can I trust people who are sloppy with the written word when discussing their profession will not be equally inattentive to detail when practising it? I want to know that whoever is providing my medical care will query anything which is ambiguous or which seems unusual - I don't want them assuming that they "know" what was really intended when they come across an apparent error in my notes and deciding to take actions based on their interpetation. I sure as heck don't want someone who is imprecise about the written word to be actually writing up my notes, either. If you can't spell the name of the drug, then you most certainly should not be allowed to administer it.

    Remember, we are talking about grammar here not SPELLINGS!!!!
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    If we were to go to come other country i would think that we would be required to be able to communicate on a written and spoken level. I have worked with mds who after a time i could understand them and i could tell the pt what was said...but i feel that they ( the mds ) had not endeavored to improve their english skills after they reached a certain level...if you are going to really learn a second tongue you have to put a lot of effort into it....look at the foreign actors who as a group are not mensa members but their income depends on the way they communicate and they do what is necessary
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  5. by   zicovico
    I need to get one thing clear. I am not a foreigner neither am I black. I always like to call a spade a spade. Foreigners should be given a break!! I have worked with many nice, respected, and intelligient foreigners. They are the most pleasant people to work with. Please Fellas, let's give them a BREAK!!
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  6. by   mother/babyRN
    Twas just a question, was it not? I noticed in college papers my son has written, that spelling errors are forgiven much more than they ever were when us oldies were in school. That might be because some years ago when my son was in grade school, the trend then was to have the kids spell things the way they sounded rather than teach them memorization or phonics. Unfortunately, in some kids, that was not a good plan....I am teaching my little ones the way I learned as a kid and they can spell pretty well.....This is not a debate about the good or bad points of phonics vs the other way they taught things back then, but a personal observation and choice. PLUS, at least for me, when typing quickly or when fired up or just plain tired, I notice spelling errors in my case, that would not have otherwise occurred...
  7. by   diannagagnon
    Quote from Jailhouse RN
    I have noticed from day one in here that many RNs use some of the poorest English and grammar I have ever seen. I am sure that we were required to take English as a requirement to graduate from nursing school. Did we leave it in the classroom, or is it that it was never really learned? I see from the charts I read at work that the case is the same in actual practice. I see so much chatroomease that it makes me sick to read some of the postings in here. Are we professionals that want to sound the part or simply chatroom fools? I for one at least try to sound and act professional. As RNs we have a reputation to be knowledgable and professional. Where are you?
    I believe there is a difference between this site and actual practice since those of us who are English speaking and tyoe here to share feelings and vent a little should not be accused of being unproffessional because our typing maynot be up to par. In practice is a whole different topic , I have seen many nurses who can barely talk or give report because of language barriers and that makes for dangerous patient care. that should be addressed with DONs dont waste you time worrying about peoples typing ability on a chat room site worry about real life.
  8. by   RN Zeke
    We must speak it, write it and understand it. We are in the USA! That is very simple. English, that is.
  9. by   SOCALRACERX911_RN
    Give me a break, this is a chatroom. Why do I have to worry about offending somebody "cause" I didn't spell or use a word correctly. I majored in Nursing not English. I feel some hate in this thread......Whats the real agenda here?........ "Foreign" doctors and nurses. Perfect English does not ensure quality of care. I don't care if you if you speak perfect English but you better know what the "heck" you are doing if I go into V-fib.
  10. by   brain

    I just wanted to say that for me the things that're really irritating include: spelling grammar "grammer" (and this happens so often I think it is spelt wrongly more often than it is spelt correctly!), spelling your "ur", and you "u". But hey, as long as it's understandable, I guess.

    To the comment about foreigners, i think if you go to work in a country you should know how to communicate effectively and safely. They should learn the language to the extent that they can achieve this, if they haven't they really need to keep working at it. I don't see any reason why if you come to America you shouldn't know English.

    But stereotyping foreign nurses and docs is just that, stereotyping. In my hospital, the doctors who speak by far the most elegant English are both foreigners, one from the UK, one from India (apparently went to a private school where they taught "Queen's English").
  11. by   SOCALRACERX911_RN
    The bottom line is that if you have an accent, even if you are using the English language properly, you will be judged incompetent, uneducated and so on and so on......... Dont think that applies to only foreign nurses, southern twangs, New York, Canadian accents aren't immuned. Lucky for me I've lost my accent and my English is more gooder than most.
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    The day that I really have to worry about my grammar here is the day I leave. Get over it!
  13. by   canoehead
    Speaking as a moderator here...

    There are no grammar rules in the terms of service, and no expectations that every nurse posting on this site will be perfect EXCEPT when it comes to respecting fellow posters, and avoiding personal attacks. Anyone can state an opinion, and expect to be respected. Disagreeing is allowed but attacking (IE"You are a racist") is not. Please make sure you keep within the TOS and don't worry about other people's standards for proper english. Diversity is welcome here.