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fatigue.....the nurse's - page 2

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  1. by   misti_z
    We have self-scheduling. I work one OT night a pay period, for a total of 7 nights in a 14 day period. I DO NOT work any more than that. I really really hate it when they want me to work more or try to call me in (I never answer the phone but find out that is what they wanted next time I am at work). If I am not on the schedule to work a night it is because I don't want to.........so leave me alone!!!!
  2. by   night owl
    Very rarely do any OT. Working nights is plenty. It takes me an hour to drive home and I barely make it home on a regular eight hour shift...I don't want to die at the wheel! Besides, I'm no spring chickie. Maybe if I'm off the next day I might consider staying an extra four hours only if they are in a real bind.
  3. by   micro
    and so what do i do.......
    agree to stay over an extra four.....and end up doing a double.........
    1500 to 0700.........
    but, hey, could have had to go back in today.........but they covered me and I have now until Thursday.........
    but slow driving in the straight lanes home this a.m.

    where is that dang blasted winning lottery ticket......;-)
  4. by   HazeK
    I am the sole support of my family...
    my family has champagne tastes on a beer budget...
    I'm paying TWO mortgages, while we are fixing up the "old" house to sell...

    so, I usually work 4 twelves instead of the required 3, for full-time.

    I get so tired, my first day off is spent doing nothing!
    (Fifty and fat and a body that is battered from working 30 years in nursing)

    But the bills get paid.

  5. by   micro
    those dang bills
  6. by   askater11
    I only work congigent.

    And stick with my one or two days a week....mostly b/c I want to be with my boys.

    And also when I work it's sooo stressful as is. When I do pick up extra on a blue moon we're working short staffed.
  7. by   Mattigan
    I work extra shifts all the time. I am the Nurse Manager of the unit and I do not do MOT. If someone wants extra...that's great but if not I fill it. I schedule myself to work the floor 3 or 4 days a week anyway- even when we are not short. (can hardly remember when that was but...).
  8. by   Jazzdog
    As the saying goes, Do you live to work or do you work to live? As a new grad I did live to work, but, after a few weeks in the trenches, attitudes change. Saving lives and stamping out disease day after day isn't any walk in the park sweetheart. My position has changed recently and I don't mind picking up a little OT here and there, if it is convenient. When I do pick up extra it is genuinely appreciated. Then I make sure I treat myself when the paycheck comes.
    Sorry Micro,,,,,I have the winning lottery ticket!
  9. by   biscuit_007
    I work 5 12's a week. I am the only night shift person on my unit except for the weekend RN and she is pregnent so i don't expect her to work any extra. I have been known to come in extra on a friday or saturday to help HER out. Not a favor to management. She has been known to do the same thing for me. When i am off i try to do 1 8 hour shift with the agency just to keep up with whats going on in the rest of nursing. I guess i average about 65 hours a week but i am working toward a goal. When I grow up i want to be my son's football, baseball, etc. coach. So, I work lots now so I can work less later!
  10. by   micro
    Hey Jazzdog....$$$$$ the winning lottery ticket!
    Where to first.....? Not to work, oh, no!!!!!

    I got put on the schedule for an automatic stayover till 0300(extra 4) without any knowledge to me.....I first just
    pav'd out.............
    then a friend reminded me not to be a pavlo's dog.............'
    so i unpavlo'd.........

    night from full moon high'?

    micro and out.....
    one more day.........
    Last edit by micro on Jul 26, '02
  11. by   micro
    but then again, can't c/o.........
    last night.........night from hell on the floor.....

    can't c/o.............

    life is a lil' salt and a lil' pepper.........or something like that.........

    editted before and as I write this.........:-/
  12. by   adrienurse
    I wasn't there for very long, but I used to work for a nursing home as a HCA that actually used to sign you up for shifts within your stated availability -- without telling you! I got written up for not showing up for I shift that I didn't even know I was supposed to work! Can you imagine?
  13. by   dharma143
    i work where we have mandatory ot. i just fielded a call to come in d/t a call-in from pm nurse. i said no, just because i'm not feeling great & now the am nurse has to work a double. she said she'll call-in for her tomorrow's am shift if she has to stay-over & i don't blame her. where i work they used to let you be off the next day if you were forced to do a double-now they have stopped this. hey! maybe-just maybe this is why we are short-staffed. they work the staff that we have to the ground & soon those ones find a job that doesn't work you to death! the admin doesn't understand the concept of snowballing anger from mand. ot? i'm starting to feel guilty re:not going in- but i've learned to stifle that quickly. all too often i've come in to cover & end-up being the next one to face working a double!!!!!!!