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i did a search, and i still have some questions....the way our instructor explained it was...clostridium difficle is natural in the bowel and overgrows in the presence of anti-biotic therapy, chronic... Read More

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    Thanks for your quick response. Again your experience sounds encouraging. My relapses have been back to back within 4-5 days of finishing the meds. I hope this current round of antibiotics work. Everything I read is SOOO negative.
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    Old thread, but new question.
    MIL has c diff and a company that came to clean it form the carpet and chair said they can not clean it. The c diff may have soaked through the carpet to the floor, floor needs to be treated and or painted before new carpet and pad are layed. They have to treat it as Bio Hazard. Everything must be removed from the home, carpet, furnature, bed. Anything that can not be washed. The strings in the mini blinds. Everything that can not have a soaking with bleach water. What are your thoughts on tall this. She lost her colon because of the c diff.
    Thanks in advance, Katz
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    Quote from Geeg
    The c diff epidemic is exacerbated by the fact that hospitals are filthy. They have cut housekeeping budgets and staffs. They are all too happy to blame nurses for poor handwashing.


    We get blamed... and we have rooms with carpet and housekeepers stretched to the limit...

    Can we say, "eww!" ?
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    C diff is normal flora in our body, the healthcare workers are not that much at risk( unless they are on antibiotics). The reason hospitals require contact precaution it is not to protect healthcare employees but it is to protect the patience because most patients are receiving antibiotics. This is what I have read and learned from school.
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Abso-hot-dang-lutely!!!We get blamed... and we have rooms with carpet and housekeepers stretched to the limit...Can we say, "eww!" ?
    Really pt rooms w/ carpet?! Wow! Carpet is calling for collection of stool, urine, drains, emesis, blood, IV fluids, water....etc....no matter how well the housekeeper cleans that carpet it is still going to be dirty, stained etc.