"Star System"

  1. Does anyone here have a "star system" where they work? I work at hospital on med/surg unit. We are "starred" one day per week. If someone calls off that day and you are starred you stay to cover their shift. How do you deal with call offs?
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    So it is forced mandation.

    How do they rotate who gets picked? We (LTC) ask for volunteers first, then it would be on list of rotation.
  4. by   cardiacmadeline
    I am fortunate to work in a hospital that doesn't mandate we stay over. It is all voluntary. They either find help for us (float pool or floats from another floor) or someone volunteers to stay over. It usually works out, I have never worked a shift where we have been understaffed due to no help.
  5. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    Star System.

    What was that old show.

    "Beam Me Up, Scotty" Beam me right out of there hahahaha
  6. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    PS I work 12 hour shifts, starred or not starred. Someone calls in, I cant do anymore than 12 safely. So no I do not stay over.
  7. by   imasharm
    I also work 12 hour shifts but we can stay up to 16 hours.
  8. by   systoly
    Isn't it amazing what mgmt. can come up with when it makes their job easier.
    Two questions, who decides what day, and why do they think you need a star to show you're getting s.....d.
  9. by   imasharm
    the day is decided by time committee. How does your facility cover call offs?
  10. by   ElliShay
    Are you paid double time?
  11. by   systoly
    Quote from imasharm
    the day is decided by time committee. How does your facility cover call offs?
    We have an availability list. First, they call nurses who work less than 40 hours/wk, then they ask the rest on the list.
  12. by   imasharm
    No, we don't get double time. In fact, we only get OT after 40 hours. We do get bonus of 45$ for every 2 hours of extra time.
  13. by   WalkieTalkie
    Yes, we have one of these, but it's for patients at risk for falls. We put "falling star" magnets on their doors. It is rather worthless in my unit (ICU) since 99% of our patients are "risk for falls"... seems rather redundant to put those darn stars all over the place. They're so common that they tend to be ignored. It's probably useful on the regular floors, but not so much in the ICU. They also want us to put orange socks on patients at risk for falls, but that is also pointless in the ICU, especially when you are trying to assess hourly pedal pulses on your patient on a balloon pump, or one with such terrible CHF that the sock won't even fit on over their "cankle." Heh.

    Sorry, way off topic, but just reminded me of the star thing
  14. by   OldnurseRN
    When I worked as a psych nurse at the State Mental institution we were subjected to mandatory overtime to cover the following shift for a nurse who called in. There was an actual rotation roster for this and you could refuse 5 times only. Neveer worked a place where so many people called in sick.