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When I worked as a psych nurse at the State Mental institution we were subjected to mandatory overtime to cover the following shift for a nurse who called in. There was an actual rotation roster for this and you could refuse 5 times only. Neveer worked a place where so many people called in sick.


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we don't yet have forced/mandated overtime, but i see us coming to that soon enough. we have had an on call shedule for the last 3 years, and management is looking at ways of making it 'attractive' for employees. hmmmm?

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Honey, I don't work over. I am 54 years old and semi retired. I work 8 hour shifts. I will stay over to help the night shift charge nurse get caught up if we have had a late night rush, otherwise no. When people call in, we usually have people that will come in early or work over. We have nurses on our floor who want to work lots of overtime. So it usually works out OK.

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