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OldnurseRN has 30 years experience and specializes in ED, Med-Surg, Psych, Oncology, Hospice.

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  1. OldnurseRN

    I can't believe I actually *like* night shift!

    I'm a night shift worker of 30 years. Biggest drawback (no matter where one works) is the conception that we don't work. Next, EVERYTHING is night shifts'fault and then there are the mandatory meetings that are always scheduled to accommodate the...
  2. OldnurseRN

    My first dump and run

    Actually we received a woman in a similar way. Her daughter brought her to our SNF/LTC from a locked geriatric psych ward! She was told she was going to "an appointment". She doesn't belong with us but, we have her. The worst part of this story is ...
  3. OldnurseRN

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    I stand by what I originally posted. No, you are not too old to become a nurse but, what I said is you will have a difficult time getting hired. I have many many years in and after losing a position due to surgery I had to go traveling to make a liv...
  4. OldnurseRN

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    There is nothing wrong with going after your dream. But, (and there is always one) older nurses are not a marketable commodity. Employers would rather hire new and young, to save money, than to hire a seasoned nurse. I am not just being a naysay...
  5. OldnurseRN

    I work at the worst LTC facility ever.

    Try working in mine! We have 70 residents (plus I am responsible for the 37 Assisted Living tenants attached to our building, if they push their life line pendant). We have 2 nurses and 2 aids. ONLY the nurses are required to have CPR and some nights...
  6. OldnurseRN

    How does your facility prevent falls?

    In our facility falls are inevitable. At night we have 2 nurses and 2 CNAs and 70 residents. Tell me, how do we cover 5 hallways all the time and make sure our people aren't falling? Alarms are being phazed out .... we have 3 only. If my aid and I ar...
  7. OldnurseRN

    New To Rehab: Only 5 Day Orientation?

    I got 6 days orientation ..... having never worked in a SNF/LTC/NH setting. Not nearly enough, even though I had been a travel nurse the past 3+ years, used to short orientations. I start 4PM med pass at 3PM and I am lucky if I am done at 6PM. I get...
  8. OldnurseRN

    Traveling in houston

    I spent the winter in Houston at Texas Children's. Do you know where you will be housed? I was housed within "the med center" so took the train to and from work. Parking is expensive in the med center and sometimes requires parking in a remote lot an...
  9. OldnurseRN

    Travel Nurse Assignment in Houston

    I was provided a furnished apartment within the "medical center" and took the train to work. Parking is expensive. My hourly rate was $31.00 an hour.
  10. OldnurseRN

    Mother-Baby/Postpartum Travel?

    I am not a post-partum nurse or a L & D nurse or a MB nurse but am currently on an assignment that wanted to add med-surg to this well-known hospital. They haven't had med-surg patients as anticipated so I have been doing post-partum on mothers ...
  11. OldnurseRN

    New Travel Nurse

    I've never been there but good luck with your new experiences!
  12. OldnurseRN

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    Absolutely not!
  13. OldnurseRN

    Aureus Medical

    I see this is an old thread but am going to respond anyway. I have been with Aureus for 2 years. I get reimbursed TO and FROM each assignment, even if I go home in between for a week or two before taking a new assignment. I have one recruiter for eac...
  14. OldnurseRN

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    I was an RT years before I became an RN. Times were different then. Treatments were IPPB, we "woke" the PACU patients up, we did many things that are no longer done. I know RTs do a lot of exciting stuff but from my observations MOST of their work is...
  15. OldnurseRN

    VENT about getting cancelled....

    The facility I am at is having a census problem right now. We are a specialty unit. Regular staff gets cancelled, put on call, or floated. I am a traveler with a "no float, no cancellation" contract and feel some animosity toward me from a few. Most ...