Panel Interview Perioperative Residency Program HSS NYC

  1. Hello.. so i have a panel interview coming up at hospital for special surgery for the Perioperative RN residency program...soo nervous can anyone give me any helpful feedback advice and or if anyone has been through this interview at HSS would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!
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  3. by   ayiego
    hi did u end up getting the job at hss??
  4. by   TigerLilie
    Nurse Jelly,

    I hope you got the position. I have an interview this Monday for PACU nurse residency. I am nervous and excited. I am excited because I have always wanted to work at HSS. Then, im nervous because of the panel interview. I heard the program starts August 13th. However, I am surprised they don't have a set group of prospective nurse yet for the program. I am just grateful for this opportunity.

    For anyone else reading this link and have an interview at HSS--I wish you the very best, Knock dead, and claim it!!!!

    *** Whats Meant To Be-- Will Be***

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  5. by   dee143
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you guys have any advice for the panel interviewing with HSS. Any information would be a great help!
  6. by   vapont
    Hi I am wondering about the panel interview for periop program. How long did it take for them to call you and what kinds if questions did they ask. I would appreciate any help. Thank you
  7. by   ML17
    Hi everyone, how were you able to apply to the residency program? I heard that they don't usually list the position on their website. Did you call or email the nurse recruiter about the position? thanks in advance!
  8. by   JKane17
    Hi there,

    I was just reading everyone's previous posts on HSS panel interviews - I have one for the perioperative residency program this Friday and was wondering if anyone could give me more information as to what to expect - I'm a little nervous and one of my other interviews fell through this week and I'm already discouraged

    Any information would be super helpful!

  9. by   StudentNurs2015
    Hi there! This is late! But I have one for an externship position later this week. I wonder if it's a panel interview also. How was your interview?
  10. by   NycRN92
    Well random this should come up in recent topics because I just interviewed for periop101 at memorial Sloan Kettering which is right across from HSS.... I never interviewed at HSS but I did do a clinical there and having been at a panel interview ( guess we will see how I did on whether or not I land the job at memorial but I think I did good) I will offer you my advice. Know your resume. Be prepared to summarize it. Know why you want to be a nurse and why you want to work at their institution. Know some basic stuff about ortho nursing because they may ask you and It will also show you have an interest in their speciality. Read their website and study it! Prepare for some behavorial questions like how you deal with conflict, a time you succeeded,..... Things like that. You can find more behavorial questions on this site and try googling for some. Many nursing schools have some on their website for interview help. Make sure you practice these questions and that they showcase your ability to critically think! Don't forget to smile and be gratious. Dress in business attire and modestly. At the end of interview say thank you for your time and I hope you consider me for the position. If the interviewer doesn't say when you will hear an answer it is Ok to ask ( but don't worry if you don't hear back when they say you would. For some reasons it takes forever for nurses to get offers!). And when you get home that same day send a thank you email ( you can find good examples on this site) and a thank you card via snail mail. Nothing says you want the job more than that! And good luck! You're going to do great. You already got the interview which means they are interested in you! Show them why!
  11. by   StudentNurs2015
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :-) Best of luck to you as well!
  12. by   NycRN92
    Luck to you too. I hope you get it! These days a externship basically guarantees you a job and times are tough!!!!! Curious which nursing school are you at? And if you haven't already you should go ahead to north shore lijs website. They posted applications in their career section for nurse externs including lenox hill
  13. by   coq2012
    Hi NYCRN92, How many people were interviewing you at your panel interview and what kind of scenario questions did they ask you? Have you ever had any periop experiences?
    I have a panel interview coming up soon and I have not had any previous experiences in Periop so I would appreciate if you could share some of questions they asked. Thanks!!
  14. by   NycRN92
    I am a new grad so I don't have any periop expeirence. The only question that they asked me was to define surgical conscience and why I want to be a periop nurse. Other than that it was mainly going through my resume and discussing the program. I was interviewed by two nurse managers and the nurse educator. Where is your interview at? How much nursing expeirence do you have?