Aptitude Assessment for RN Analyst job in a hospital starting Epic system

  1. I am currently applying for RN Analyst in one of the local hospital that will implement a new software system called EPIC. I was scheduled for aptitude assessment for math, verbal, and technical learning. This job is what I really really want to have and I don't want to lose this opportunity just by failing the aptitude assessment. By the way, my background is I am a RN for 2.5 years, graduating BSN this December, and I had BS in Computer Engineering (from Philippines, but I'm now in US). I need all the tips I can get to get through this aptitude test for math, verbal, and technical learning. I heard that epic system has a good reputation and is a good gateway for a really good career. This is what I've always wanted, I would like to use both my skills in nursing and IT. Will you be able to tell me what's in aptitude test? Is there specific aptitude test for RN analyst or Nurse informatics? Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   offlabel
    You have a BS in computer engineering and you're worried about an aptitude test for a nursing job?
  4. by   madz0212
    Yes. I am worried because it's been a long time (2003) since I graduated from BSCoE. After that, I didn't have a chance to practice the profession. I migrated here in US and became nurse to make the story short. Now, this RN Analyst job is very important for me because it is the start of what I've been wanting to do, which is IT and healthcare/nursing. I can't fail the aptitude assessment. I need to get ready and know what in math, verbal, and technical learning do I need to study. I just want this badly.
  5. by   mrr5745
    Oh honey - I'm sure you'll pass if you haven't already. I had to take a similar test with experience as a nurse but zero experience with computers prior to my first Epic analyst job. I'm sure with your experience you will nail it! Please update us when you have a chance
  6. by   NurseK14
    I was looking into the same pathway as well. I haven't found my niche as a newer nurse and I think I would be very interested in nursing informatics. Let me know how it goes for you. I am applying for a similar job that utilizes EPIC EMR systems and requires me to take the same test. I'd love any input as you go through this. Thanks.
  7. by   mmc51264
    Never heard of an EPIC aptitude test. Is this through your facilities or a job with EPIC. We used EPIC where I work and I was there we we went "live" I have helped with two major upgrades. I have 2 semesters left in my MSN-Informatics program. Of course I will be looking for a position where I am at.
    Now I will have to ask around about this test!
  8. by   ikarus7401
    Quote from mmc51264
    Never heard of an EPIC aptitude test.
    When a hospital buys Epic, Epic advises them to give this test to their new analysts/analyst applicants. Some hospitals will even give it to their current employees. Some hospitals don't take this advice given that they are already in an area where getting analysts is limited and further limiting their pool because of a test is not a good idea. However, hospitals in larger towns/cities go ahead and give the test. Epic give this test to all incoming employees, except maybe doctors.
  9. by   vang_ms
    I'm taking the test soon. How was it if you don't mind sharing? What kind of questions did they ask? Were they multiple choice answers?