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ikarus01 has 18 years experience and specializes in informatics for 10 years.

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  1. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    do you know if your hospital reports the unvaccinated as the CDC does? If you took 1 dose of 2, for example, you fall under the unvaccinated category. Or do those stats consider 1 dose of 2 as vaccinated?
  2. Advice: LPN considering informatics

    You don't need to get an RN to go into informatics; I have worked with CNA's and LPN's who are now analysts or trainers. Epic specialist---what specifically is your role with this job title? Are you doing elbow support? Training? The next m...
  3. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    I actually laughed at this because I had the same question in my brain. This could have just been written as, Some/a few vaccinated patients are winding up in the ICU. Future politician in the making.
  4. Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    In the past 4 weeks, have had 2 family members who are boosterized with pfizer end up in the hospital with covid. One in her late 50's living in California, another one in her late 40's who lives in Florida. I just spoke to one last night and sh...
  5. Have you worked with a GOAT in healthcare?

    hahaha! Definitely not. But I still remember that shift so clearly because it really "shocked" me. That director always wore scrubs when I went to that floor. Don't think I ever saw another nursing director like that on the floors. Most were nicely d...
  6. Have you worked with a GOAT in healthcare?

    Back in 2004 or so, was working as an agency nurse, and would mainly get sent to an orthopedics floor where everybody was very unhelpful. One weekday, I was sent to a med surg floor. As soon as I step in, I'm told, you have an admission coming ...
  7. Name title

    I have a degree in nursing and CS...been working in the field since early 2000's. I write my name as, John Doe I guess I'm doing it wrong! ?
  8. Hello ikarus I am starting my one and only nursing informatics class and I feel lost.  It is funny I have been a nurse for 15 years and I understand nursing informatics in the practical area, started my career by doing medical reconciliation in paper and now everything is computerized, we even communicated by texting, no body uses the telephone anymore. I have been a super user few times, etc... but I don’t have an idea of where to start, how can I choose two easy topics on informatics ? Could you please give me few ideas? Thanks 


    1. ikarus01


      Hi, I apologize. Hadn't logged in to the site in a while...

      What is the nursing informatics class for? And when you say, easy topics in informatics, I don't really understand. You mean, topics to write a paper on?

  9. What do you think about this program at San Jose state university? 



  10. Been in the so call informatics field since 2005, started as a Surginet analyst, then switched over to become a consultant, then became physician provider support in epic, then epic analyst. For me personally, I want a job that gives me the ability t...
  11. New NI Student - how to prepare for future work?

    Most NI programs are....a bit lacking. If I were you, I would spent time learning SQL because no matter what vendor software you work with, reports are always a hot commodity. And even if you are not in charge of doing reports, requests will always c...
  12. Plenty of old threads on this forum to answer as to what informaticists do. But if you have 10 years of med surg experience, didn't you ever document on computers? So the role of the informaticist is to roll those out. LIke right now..the covid19 ou...
  13. Epic certification

    So prior to the covid outbreak, the cost to get certified was 26k per certification. And I know because when you take a job as an epic analyst in some hospitals, they tell you that if they send you out to get certified and then you quit in less than ...
  14. Nursing Informatics

    Is it worth leaving a floor position to pursue a job in nursing informatics? what does this mean? That you have a floor job now and you want to quit and then start looking for an NI job? Or do you have an offer for an NI job and you want to leave you...
  15. Nursing informatics, in terms of configuring a vendor's software, doesn't really need those certifications form MS, cisco, etc. So yea, I wouldn't waste the time or money in those certifications as they aren't really needed to work in informatics.