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If any of you works or knows about this, how much do they pay newly grad RNs? And how does employment application go about? Please share. Thanks! :D... Read More

  1. by   chubibay, RN
    Quote from dodoy
    hi tron22, how was your exam? It seems from your post that you have passed and will be starting next year, did I get it right?

    As for the others who are asking, I think Medical City is still accepting applications. Yesterday, as I logged on to their list, I saw another nurse being checked for the completion of her documents. After checking she was then instructed to go to the examining and interview area. She's a nurse because I saw her board certificate and PRC license. Try logging now, who knows when they'll be calling.
    Hey, what are the requirements?
  2. by   dodoy
    If I'm not mistaken, the completion of requirements will only be asked from you once you have passed the exams and interviews. Try logging in first.
  3. by   iVy,RN
    are they still accepting applicants? like, now? this january? Thanks!
  4. by   cheezy_curls
    Hi guys! How's your application?
  5. by   nursejeh2009
    Do they still accept applications for Staff Nurse?
  6. by   nursejeh2009
    how's your application guys?

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