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tron22 specializes in critical care.

june 2009 board exam passer...

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  1. tron22

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    The new batch of trainees for skills training will be starting this June....:yelclap:
  2. tron22

    Tuition fee in UP Masters in Nursing

    im applying for june 2011. how will I know if i'm accepted? where they gonna post the list?
  3. tron22

    Tuition fee in UP Masters in Nursing

    im also planning to study MAN in UP. Did you found out how to apply in their admission? and how about admission packet? tnx.
  4. tron22

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    there were 30 applicant who passed exam last feb 26 and 19 applicants passed mar 21 exam. hope there will be schedule soon. any updates guys?
  5. tron22

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    any updates for the training? can't we just register there?
  6. tron22

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    Thanks for the info mansanas28. Anyways, how long does it takes to contact you for training after knowing that you passed the exam? Are you happy working in Capitol?
  7. tron22

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    I took the exam last feb 26, and passed it... so what's next after that? please someone share because I am employed with other hospital. I passed my requirements last dec 09. sigh, its a long wait before I sit for exam.
  8. tron22

    Nalbuphine in Schedule 2 of drugs???

    that's true
  9. tron22

    To newly hired nurses

    I'm batch 2009. I started also a nurse trainee at one of the government hospital for 5 mos. While on training, I tried to pass my applications at different hospital in metro manila.. most of them are for manpooling ony. the bigger one is on freeze hiring. but i tried to pass also with the small ones so you will have a better chance in getting a job. I also have acls,bls,sfa, ivt training even nih stroke scale training.. its a mixture of determination, hardwork, hope and luck and you will find a job. I'm now an ICU nurse.
  10. tron22

    ivt training schedule for 2011

    Marikina St. Vincent Gen. Hospital will have basic IVT on jan 22,23,29... 3500php. its located at concepcion, marikina.
  11. just wait until december or january for the next batch of orientees. preliminary interview tips? know your capabilities, your backgroud and basic nursing skills and concepts. Godbless.
  12. we're also 25 when i took the exam. and only 5 passed the exam. i waited for almost 2 mos. but the sched for interview will be depend on the chief nurse. i finished first my training in another hospital before i took ANOTHER prelim interview. now i'm sched to final. gbu.
  13. Goodluck to your exam.. i had interview just few days ago... their training was extend form 2 mos. to 3 mos. But there is no fee...
  14. tron22

    Msn, man,mn no differences at all

    Thanks for this info.. really helpful.. anyways, I'm planning to enrol for masteral. which do you think will you recommend in metro manila area only..? I'm looking at the quality and affordability.. thanks!
  15. tron22

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    Someone told me that IVT training became one of the requirements but during our time its not required... about reapplication, they're still a lot of PNTP's in special areas.. some of them want to extend their duties. So others are being assigned even in OPD while waiting for their slot in special area.. just make a follow up in NSO and show them your interest to assign in special areas.. Goodluck.