any FILIPINO members here?

  1. hi!!im also a filipino and im here in the Philippines..just to know some filipino members and to ask tips from them on how they were employed in the currently working as a nurse specialist in 2Dimensional Echocardiography, Treadmill Stress Echo, treadmill stress test and dobutamine stress echo..

    i trained at the Philippine Heart Center for more than 3 months.and im currently working here in San Fernando, La union..
    my monthly is 6,180 (gross) in pesos..

    have to seek my luck there...

    ill be taking my CGFNS exam this september 10...hopefully ill pass the test...wish me luck!!!
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Most of the nurses I work with are from the Phillipines. Thay are a wonderful asset to all who need to be hospitalized. Many are friends, two for more than 25 years.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   hael171972
    i have an aunt in Glendale, CA..she's a travel nurse, sometimes..
    her name is LYN URSUA..

    thats cool.!!

    i thought ur a filipino...anywayz, nice meeting you
  5. by   momx4
    Hi I am a filipino. I actually live in the US now. I have lived here most of my life. I am a student now working towards becoming a nurse.
    Cant wait to get to know you all!

  6. by   theatre9
    hi to all kababayans. i am presently working in dublin while waiting for my immigrant visa to come through. i've been here since 2001. the irish are a great bunch of people but i just can't wait to get to the states.

  7. by   cattleya
    Quote from momx4
    Hi I am a filipino. I actually live in the US now. I have lived here most of my life. I am a student now working towards becoming a nurse.
    Cant wait to get to know you all!

    Hello.. i am a filipino too, actually im a new member here..
    im a second year student nurse here in Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing.

  8. by   lector
    HI Guy's Im lector a 2nd yr Nursing stud here in the Philippines........Im currently studying at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation-College of Nursing....

    Hope to knw you all!
  9. by   josie1
    Greetings to all of you!

    Thank you for your warm welcome and great forum!

    I am a Nurse from the Philippines. I am under petition from a New York Hospital that has had trouble recruiting RNs, so they came to the Philippines to recruit. I have 3 Years experience as a Med Surg Nurse. I was hired to work in rural New York and I hope to be there by late 2006 or early 2007.

    Over here ( In the Phil.s) there are just so many Nurses that leave for the Middle East ( More than 100,000 Filipino to Saudi Arabia alone past 2 years),to Dubai, UAE , England (20,000 Filipino RNs past 3 years), Ireland and Canada.

    The other sad part about Nursing in my country is that it is very hard to find work here because of the 'oversupply', Hospitals here only hire RNs who are between the ages of 23- 35 (Age Discrimination!). My first year I had to work doing 'pro-bono' work or work for Free at a 100 Bed Government,Provincial hospital. I have freinds who are just 'working here' for the "experience", but theyre families are struggling after getting into much debt. for their nursing education.

    I am excited to go to the US and I look forward to learning more and possibly pursuing a Masters degree there. Even if I have an immigrant visa,I also want to eventualy return back here to the Philippines, after I have paid off my families debts and after building my expertise to becoming a Nursing instructor because of the need to improve the nursing/ healthcare education here.

    God Bless you all !
  10. by   purply_hazy
    hi! I'm haze, a 24 year old single mom from Muntinlupa Citeeeee!!!!!

    I'm a fourth year nursing student (graduating baby! ) and a shifter from a course in Communication Arts. I'm currently studying in Laguna Northwestern College and fell in love with Nursing as soon as I got hold of my first stethoscope.

    I also plan on working abroad in the future, help the PI in my own little way by what they get through remittances and return back home, and like Ma'am Josie1, I want to be an instructor. I also dream of being a competitive nurse, help heal people even from across the globe without any thoughts of cultural differences (we all are brothers anyway), and I also want to be instrumental in attaining world peace. This is why I spend every possible moment studying my brains off! Hope everyone here gets to achieve everything they wish for.

    I thank you.
  11. by   prettymama
    I am also a Filipino, recently in Saudi Arabia, I first worked at our local Hospital with no salary at all,just to have experience.

    It's been 7 years that I am working here in KSA and planning to take the CGFNS exam late next year.HOpe I can make.Anybody out there who will take CGFNS late of next year? Send PM to me.

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  12. by   Scalene
    Hi, I am a filipino too, working here in the UK for nearly 4 years now, and will be moving to California on January, I just want to say Good luck to all of us on all our endeavors, and may we all work hard to be able to provide quality care for our patients. Mabuhay
  13. by   ustegrl
    ustegrl here, working in SF for a year. whazzup!
  14. by   dominica
    Hello Everybody in this forum!I'm Dominica, I'm new on this forum but I have a lot of Questions to ask you guys.I just passed the RN licence in California 2 weeks ago and now start looking for a job.I'm from the philippines and graduated year 1993. I work for five years in there .It is easy to find RN job here eventhough I did not work for 5 years from my last job?I'm willing to volunteer if you can recommend me some volunteer programs here in washington.Thanks......