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hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what... Read More

  1. by   unemployed nurse
    Hi! I also heard that the results are out..

    I am at the province now. I won't be able to go to Manila yet, not until next week. Can please someone take a look if this name appears on the list?...

    Alquiza, Mark Glenn S.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.. Thank You, fellow.
  2. by   juella
    hello everyone. result is out. 133 got the slot and 26 or 28 is in waiting list. sadly, i didn't made it. but it's alright. if one door closes, a lot of windows will open. ayt? i already prepared myself as we were informed that thier priority are the children/relatives of those people working in the said institution. nwei, CONGRATULATIONS to all who got the slot.

    as for unemployed nurse, haven't remembered seeing your name but hopefully i am wrong. i read the paper like 4 times. who knows, i must have overlooked it.

    goodluck to our future endeavors. =)
  3. by   unemployed nurse
    Thanks for the updates..If not for I would not have been updated on the results...

    Juella..hey thanks for updating..You might have overlooked it, I passed the qualifying exams..I am no. 63 of the 133 who passed...Can't believe it.. Good start for 2010. Yer right, opportunities are everywhere, you just need to find the right time..Good luck!

    I guess I will have to change my username soon... After the Final Interview..(cross fingers) For those who passed..they will start sending text or calls for the final interview. They said, interview schedule will start on January 19, onwards...hhhmmm..wonder how the interviews gonna be?..... any tips/ideas?
  4. by   blink07
    can anyone post the names of those who made it with their last names starting in M... i'm at the province right now... thanks

    Note from Traumarus: Please don't post people's names on the internet - this isn't safe....thanks.
  5. by   juella
    congratulations to you. and yeah you're right, you have to change your username soon. and maybe i should use that one? but well, am not losing faith. if there's a will, there's definitely a way update us ony your process =)
  6. by   eissej_rn
    congratz to all who passed the qualifying written exam, to those who didn't make it-there's still lots of other opportunities out there & never lose hope! as for the succeeding exams, it would be a competency exam ( nursing skills) and a final interview conducted by the military head nurses...passing the written exam is the most critical part i should the basics especially your nursing skills, also it would be nice to check the older posts...i strongly suggest to give your best shot in these exams coz this will determine what area you'll be assigned for the 6 months training...
  7. by   Yunazure
    Does anyone here have any idea when is the competency exam? Thanks!
  8. by   John D. Dreamer
    Hi! Good day!

    Are they still accepting applicants up until now? Thanks =)
  9. by   arglen_rn
    Can anyone pm me the names of those who passed with surnames starting with letter G. I can't go to V. Luna because I'm here in Batangas. I hope someone could help me. Thanks.
  10. by   young_achieRN
    hi fellas!

    The RN Residency is just a training/OJT program. Do not expect to get hired. Remember it's a government and military hospital. The one's who get hired there are called "ANAK ng Diyos" because of their super powers in GHQ and personnel. Even in the exam, the truth behind that is only the top 40 out of all examinees are being passed, beyond 41.. the other slots are reserved already.

    Although the training sounds good, in the end, you'll feel the pain that they simply used you because you'll just be a SOLE VOLUNTEER for 7mons. hehehe last year we were give a half sack of rice. that's the only benefit for 7 mons. . and a certificate of being RN resident of course.

    For those who made it, just enjoy but if you have job offers outside, don't hesitate to grab it...
  11. by   RNinterrupted
    hey have you tried applying in AFP i also want to try, and some tips hehe.. tnx po GOD bless
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  12. by   manika19
    i think that the exam is just formalities sake only. only those whos have so called "backer" will be able to progress to the next step of the application..
  13. by   fudgeremedy
    hi, does AFP med cnter is accepting resume at this time?