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Just want to get an idea of where everyone is located, and where they went for their nursing education! I'll start: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. BCIT (starting soon ... jan06)... Read More

  1. by   Moonlight_ca
    Hi all

    I am new here. My English is not so good, but I try :wink2:.

    I am RN from Poland and Germany. I finished my 5-years education in 1996 (Poland) and have different experience from hospitals, doctors office, out-care and now long term care.

    I am looking for another internatonal-educated nurses in Edmonton or Sherwood Park area.

    I hope that one day be a RN in Canada

    God bless
  2. by   pink flower
    1- I'm from Montreal
    2- I did my BSc RN at Laval University

  3. by   september_jrb
    Hi everyone!
    I'm from Mississauga,Ontario.
    I graduated June 2008 from UNB-Humber College.
  4. by   patient feeling
    Hi everyone!
    I'm from K . S .A , BSN ,RN
    I graduated ON 6/6/ 2007 from JORDAN .
  5. by   Pepperlady
    I am currently on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (yes, buried under feet of snow) and I took my nursing diploma at Lethbridge Community College, my BN at University of Calgary. I also have a critical care specialty from Mt. Royal College
  6. by   NurssNicole
    Abbotsford B.C. working at new Abbotsford Hospital
  7. by   Nurseinator
    How is the new hospital (abbostford) my grandparents live their. Well I am a 3rd year nursing student at Ryerson University and I reside in Toronto.
  8. by   NurssNicole
    I am actually working on a rehab medical unit but it isn't attached to the new hospital now that the hospital has moved locations. The new hospital is great, definetly built for the future with an "eco" friendly feel. All patient rooms have windows facing out and are all single or double rooms at the most. Lots of work available out this way if you ever think of working here! Good luck with the end of school and keep in touch!
  9. by   lplacsko1962
    I am from Mount Vernon, Washington. I completed my nurse schooling at Skagit Valley College, and graduated in June 2008. I took the NCLEX in July. I am now married and living in Surrey, BC and have just passed the CRNBC exam. So now I am licensed in the US and Canada. I currently am employed at Delta Hospital, Ladner.
  10. by   ilcarn
    Right now I'm in Illinois but I'm from the Phillipines. I plan to move to Vancouver soon.
  11. by   colta
    I'm originally from Saint John, NB..... hoping to get into the Practical Nursing program in Miramichi, NB.
  12. by   LVeldhuis
    Hey all,

    Graduated in January from Camosun college in Victoria, BC I'm an LPN.
  13. by   ORN
    i am from jordan - amman
    graduate of Private college
    and i am an Operation Nurse right now since 3 years