Internationaly educated new grad

  1. internationaly educated went through gnie dont have a job everyone says if u have registration we will hire u but the question is where do u go to do 250 hrs to het registration so confused
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'm sorry... I don't know what you mean by "gnie". You must be in BC if you need to have 250 hours of supervised practice to be registered. That is a safeguard for the population you will be providing care for. It's only smart to find out all these things BEFORE you move here so that you can make informed choices.

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  4. by   n0name
    GINE means Internationaly educated nurse reentry program nd yes i m in bc i already done everything i m out looking for job but everywhere i go apply i get same answer if u go do 250 hrs we'll hire u but no one wanna gime 250hrs i've been actively looking for job from few months now plus most of the places dont even accept resume they say onlyonline through provincial health authority
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Again, these issues you're having have been well-identified long ago and reported here and in other forums. In the current economic climate, very few employers are willing to provide breaks for IENs with no guarantee that they'll receive any return on their investment. In the past few years, those that did were taken advantage of and ended up losing a lot of money and time by hiring people who weren't able to do the jobs they were hired for. So now the employers are very wary. It's because of this reality that the SEC assessment and the 250 hours of supervised practice requirements were introduced. Online applications allow them to screen applicants automatically by having the computerized human resources software search for keywords in the resumes and rejecting any that don't have the required keywords. It saves them money and time. It's how they do it and it's the same for everybody.

    I would suggest that if you want your resume to be seen by a real person rather than just the computer software, you could improve your English communication skills. The fact that you don't use punctuation in your posts may be holding you back if you're using the same type of language in your applications. Read the postings you apply for carefully and identify those keywords that the software will be looking for. An example would be this posting:

    The posting states ICU experience is required. If a resume doesn't say anything about ICU, it will be rejected.
    It says ACLS is required. If the applicant doesn't have ACLS certification, the application will not advance.
    Under Specialized Nursing Skills and Knowledge, it says arterial puncture is a required skill. If the applicant hasn't said anything about having that skill, again, the application will be ignored.

    So this means you have to tailor your application/resume to provide the information the software is looking for so that
    your application will even make it into the hands of the person arranging the interviews. This may be why you've been unsuccessful thus far.
  6. by   n0name
    thanks for the reply bu again do u think a new grad who never worked can have this detailed long resume nd how bout where nurses dont have to go through sec are'nt the employers worried in those provinces
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    a lot of the provinces will do some sort of sec, may be called something different.

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  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You never mentioned that you were a new grsd. That makes it a lot harder for you and actually explains a lot. Newly graduated Canadian-born and educated nurses aren't having much more luck than you are in their job searches. With no previous nursing experience you're all competing for the same small handful of jobs. Again, this should have been obvious to you before you decided to come here since it isn't exactly a secret. Silverdragon is correct that all provinces have assessments to determine competence of IENs although they may have a different name for it... also not a secret. BC being the province most attractive to nurses from certain countries has taken it a step further with their supervised practice requirement.
  9. by   loriangel14
    Your poor written language skills will be making the job hunt difficult as well.
  10. by   n0name
    Title of this post was internationaly educated newgrad,i think thats enough to make anyone understand i am a new grad

    I didnt read the "Terms" which made you think i have poor language skills
  11. by   loriangel14
    You need to learn how to use puncuation and you need to brush up on your spelling.Your written and oral communication needs to be excellent when looking for a job (and when working as well).
  12. by   Fiona59
    Quote from n0name
    Title of this post was internationaly educated newgrad,i think thats enough to make anyone understand i am a new grad

    I didnt read the "Terms" which made you think i have poor language skills

    Several previous posters on this topic felt that completing the SEC and required upgrading gave them "new grad" status when applying for jobs.

  13. by   Mona77
    I have only suggestions, but I think that your IEN new grad status and the fact that you have no previous nursing experience makes it difficult for you to get a job offer.

    Where do you live in BC, Vancouver, Lower Mainland? Then it will be hard as there are more competitors as anywhere else!

    Despite your new grad status you`ll have to present yourself, your resumee must be individual, convincing and in some way unique, so that your future employer has the
    impression that you are worth to invest time and effort.

    I got my job offer while in Germany, without having the CRNE done at this time, now I work in Northern BC since April, but of course I had the experience...

    Have you considered all regions in BC?