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  1. by   BlueBow
    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading the CRNE prep guide and I came across a question which contradicts what I have read in a med surg book. Since all of you have studied hard, and have most probably encountered this question during the review yourselves, could you please tell me if something is wrong with the rationale or if the med surg book I read (american) is the one which is wrong. Here goes:

    The patient has consolidated pneumonia on the left lobe and the question was how to best position the patient. I answered left side and fowler's but the answer was RIGHT side fowler's, with the rationale that pulmonary ventilation and perfusion will be best with the unaffected side DOWN.

    I thought the patient should be lying on the affected side to give the normal lung better chance of expansion?

    Please, anyone. I have become confused. I don't know now if I should answer differently in a Canadian exam. Your inputs would be highly appreciated.
  2. by   joanna73
    Fluid from the affected lung is not going to drain, nor can the lung expand if you place the pt on that side. Ideally, you would place them on the unaffected side. I'm pretty sure that is in your nursing skills book somewhere.
  3. by   Lilly01
    Hi. I'm also not sure how i feel about it. While I was writing it there were definitly questions that made me go huh? but i also felt like it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Immediately after the exam I felt confident. However, over the last two days I've been going over some of the questions in my head and analyzing my answers and I definitely don't feel confident about it anymore. In fact im FREAKING out!!!! I can't eat or sleep or think about anything but the results. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 4 weeks This was my first time writing it and I reallly really can't go through with the stress of writing it again.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from BlueBow
    I thought the patient should be lying on the affected side to give the normal lung better chance of expansion?
    That was conventional wisdom until a few years ago. Then came all the studies on prone positioning for ARDS and the lessons learned from those led to many changes in how we manage pneumonia. We also used to do aggressive chest physio on patients with collapse but that's been basically tossed because it really doesn't work.
    Quote from joanna73
    Fluid from the affected lung is not going to drain, nor can the lung expand if you place the pt on that side. Ideally, you would place them on the unaffected side.
    You really don't want preferential expansion of the unaffected lung. That may cause hemodynamic consequences due to mediastinal shifts as well as decreased pulmonary blood flow to the injured lung.

    This article is pretty good:
  5. by   simplynatural
    Quote from snowyowl
    Hello everyone who wrote yesterday!
    I just wanted input about how people felt about the exam. Harder, easier, or different than expected?? Personally, I felt that there were some questions in which I had no clue what the answer was. Good luck everyone! I cannot wait to get those results back.
    Hi Snowyowl
    WOW about 1400 people wrote the exam I was really amazed since I came from a small town. Even though I studied the 4th, 5th edition of the CRNE prep guide, did the readiness test, and referencing nursing text books, I felt uncertain as to how I did. I missed 10 questions at the end due to my time management and going to the washroom room about 3 time (since I am pregnant I have a smaller bladder). Hopefully some of the questions I missed are experimental questions.

    Some of the questions were hard with two possible answers (I kinda spend too much time on these, but I didn't want to go back and read the question, since some of the questions were long senstences), 3 or 4 questions were kinda odd (maybe these were experimental questions) who knows. Some questions I was clueless as well, so you're not alone.

    I have to say thank you to the all the people who had posted advices and recommendation on how to prepare for the CRNE exam (passed exam taker who had succeed or fail). You guys had been very helpful for me to familiar myself with how the questions will be asked and the wording of the questions, and how to study. So LOIS IRELAND if you search around from older posting you would find really good posting on how to prepare yourself for the. I find looking at the CRNE competencies index, code of ethics, CRNE pre guide & readiness test, lab values, drug calcuation, and references material to things I don't understand was helpful. Some past poster really goes into detail which are very helpful.

    Overall, I am a bit nervous as to how I did on the exam and can't wait for the result. Does anyone know how long of a wait until we know the result for Toronto exam taker? (is it around 4-6 wks)? I wish the best for everyone
    Hi to all fellow CRNE takers of Oct.2011....I just had to join this group..I have not been eating or sleeping well since the exam on Wedseday. I found the first 100 questions hard...well the first 50 took me 1.5 hours...I had a lot of trouble with the knowledge based questions....I have myself convinced that I failed and have been really upset since I wrote it. It is the first thing on my mind going to bed and the first thing on my mind going to bed...I didn't expect it to be so difficult. However, I hope there are others who feel the same....FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!

    To be honest..I found it to be EXTREMELY difficult...I am prepared to fail...and have my self convinced that I have failed..Seriously..I am going to get an "ulcer" out of this stress...btw do you know the passing rate for the exam this time around? thanks

    I feel the same..this is my first time writing....and i am already prepared and convinced myself I failed...I have been very depressed and sad and everyone around me has been noticing how "down" i have been...This just seems so unfair..but I guess we just got to suffer out the next 4-6 weeks
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  7. by   joanna73
    We felt the same way last year writing the exam. You never really know until the results are in, which is around 6 weeks. You will also not know what the pass is until someone has failed, because the CNA doesn't release this information in advance. Good luck.
  8. by   Ashnurse
    I Know how you are feeling nervousascanbe. When I was writing the exam I felt fairly okay about it, however after coming home and thinking about and looking up questions I no longer feel confident. I am defiantly rethinking answers and thinking I put the wrong answer. I also keep telling myself I failed to, but at the same time I am just praying that I passed. It is very stressful having to wait for the results.
  9. by   Mann82
    Hello everyone
    I am very nervous for the result of Oct. 2011. I'm not pretty sure about result but praying .
    Good luck for all OCt 2011 takers
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  10. by   april_1117
    Quote from JustGraduateN
    You will be better off with they offer online. Good Luck
    Hey just wondering how is this course? meaning what type of questions do they analyze med-surg or psychosocial? and is the level of difficulty (questions) the same as on the crne. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks...the course is quite expensive though.
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    This course is very expensive with NO guarantee of anything other than they'll take your money. There's no information on the instruction they provide, there's no information on who the principle players are and there's no information on their success rate. I'd be VERY leery of them. Caveat emptor.
  12. by   DiscreteCie
    i took the crne last october 5 and it was extremely difficult. i find myself thinking about it every night, i feel so down. after the exam i took the bus going home and these were the examinee discussing their answers. i feel so horrible that time, realizing that i got lots of wrong answers.. oh well, what i did that time is to put on my headset and listen to my ipod.

    lets just hope for the best...
  13. by   Ms.hopeful
    Hey guys i love reading your comments they make me feek better to know im not alone. I wrote this past exam for the second time, the stress is def on! Trying to keep busy while my liife is in limbo, it really sucks. I also found the first 100 questioms much harder and feel like the prep guide did not prepare me well enough for this exam!! The prep guides were much much easier!!!!! What to do...goodluck to all of those who wrote!! I prqy we all pass and go on to do bigger and better things, please post if u have updqtes or news you passed