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OK, we've all heard that they are eliminating 100 managerial positions. We got the OT ban announcement last week, followed by the "part timers should pick up shifts before OT is permitted" (well,... Read More

  1. by   bscn_rn_10_years
    It really is so confusing that we are closing beds..but you know they are blaming it on lack of nurses and no money to pay "the outrageous" salaries...... they want the public to be outraged at the nurses because then it is our fault that they are waiting 8 or more hours in the ER to be seen.....they really do have a plan ...don't they? I say that private healthcare is only a hop and skip from us...which is so sad....if they (the public) could only figure it out before it is too late....lets hope!
  2. by   Fiona59
    Nah, I've said it before, the average Albertan voter likes to vote Conservative. Then they whine about the cuts and swear they'll never vote them in again.

    Wait three-four years, hold an election, repeat the cycle.

    UNA fought hard for some of their contracts and got their wages increases. Unfortunately the wonderful Alberta public doesn't understand that NOT all nurses are paid the same. I've lost count the number of times I've been told I'm lucky to be earning $40/hour (my age has a lot to do with that assumption). I then point out I'm an LPN covered by a different contract and usually it's the Charge that makes that figure when they factor in charge pay, shift premiums, etc.

    UNA might want to be a bit more educational in their next contract.

    It always makes me laugh when I'm told they couldn't do my job for any amount of money.

    Hey, Dr. D. want to come to work with me next week? Stand next to me? See how long it is between bathroom breaks? How it feels to be verbally badgered by the visitors, have the shoes soiled because an incontinent little old lady doesn't make it to the toilet in time and then have to clean the little old lady, the floor, the shoes and keep an eye on her because it's after 5pm and there are no housekeeping staff (but wait they don't do bodily fluids) and the NA is off sick and Staffing can't fill the slot AND keep an eye on four other patients??

    Oh, didn't think so.
  3. by   linzz
    Oh please no private health care. I have always been a strong advocate for public heath care and after my most recent experience with private health care, I am an even stonger advocate for public health care. That doesn't mean I am in support of the politicians in Alberta and Ontario.
  4. by   bscn_rn_10_years
    I too am a strong supporter for public healthcare, but I am so sure that they have a plan to privatize out healthcare system. I also have a question....who hired mr d ? And why would they hire someone from out of the country to run a very complex health would he know anything about OUR system? Crazy .... and why didn't we as employees have a say as to who would be in charge? OH well..nothing we can do about it now...just hang on tight for the ride of a career.
  5. by   Fiona59
    But... he has a PhD in Economics!!!

    I still say Fast Eddie is a shill for the insurance companies and is probably getting huge kickbacks from them
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I've been on this "ride of a career" before... I graduated in 1994! It took me four years to finally get into a permanent position - I started as a casual and then went from one short-term temporary position to another for the whole time. It was incredibly stressful. I'm not overly worried about losing my job this time around but I am worried about not wanting it anymore!

    Frustrated, when have we grunts ever had a say in who runs the show? A couple of years ago our unit was hiring a new patient care manager after having been without one for about a year. Things were just beginning to be dysfunctional then and the administration decided there should be two staff nurses on the panel doing the interviewing. No one knows for sure how the two who were chosen were chosen. Suffice it to say that one of them spoke to others and got their input into what kinds of questions she should ask. The other did nothing but show up. They were astounded to discover that there was only one candidate being interviewed, one of our supervisors who was universally disliked; we knew she was in the running but we didn't know she was the only horse in the race. So Nurse 1 asked the tough questions and got vague or sarcastic responses, Nurse 2 sat there saying, "I don't understand the question" and admin handed the candidate the job. In the 18 months she held the reins (more racing analogies so as not to mix my metaphors!) she systematically destroyed morale and set the stage for a mass exodus of staff. We now have a very inexperienced group of nurses taking care of critically ill patients and high turnover. We're all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe Dr. D is it.
  7. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Well, I am rendered speechless. I just had a look at the career postings and discovered that of the NINE full time positions posted for my unit, seven of them are open to the public. Maybe the reason for that is that they require a minimum of 1 year of PICU experience and since we're the only game in town, with a high turnover and no former employees willing to return to the inferno they had no choice but to approve external postings. (FYI: We finished orientation of six new staff at the beginning of the month and seven more started orientation the next week. That represents 15% of our regular complement of staff...)
  8. by   RGN1
    Wow - that's really tough on the more senior staff!! Lets hope they manage to attract some more experienced staff from outside for you.

    Mind you with what you say about management, keeping them might be harder!
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Last night at the request of a mutual friend I spoke with someone who has applied for one of our vacancies. She's already an AHS employee from another (former) region. My friend asked me to give this nurse the good, the bad and the ugly, not to conceal anything (as if I would!). We talked for more than an hour and in the end she said that nothing I told her will deter her from taking a position if offered... which it will be because this nurse is the whole package... smart, skilled, experienced, educated... with a sturdy backbone. It will be nice to have some new staff who don't need to be spoonfed.
  10. by   malenurse82
    yesterday the issue of canadian nurse (the magazine publishe by the cna) arrived in my home. the entire back cover of the publication is an add for alberta health services for career opportunities. i am a fairly novice nurse in ontario and i have been thinking about alberta for a while now, is just that every time i look at the postings they had nothing (nada) posted.

    so yesterday, i thought, oh wow! alberta is hiring again? so i went to the ahs website, but all the posted jobs are for internal ahs candidates only! (often written in odious all caps bold red letters!)

    why are they wasting money booking the entire back cover of this magazine when they arent hiring!

    am i reading these job postings wrong? ma i looking in the wrong place?
  11. by   Fiona59
    Because they have an advertising budget to spend. Oh, and don't forget by basically closing down the Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital, it frees up money.

    Oh, Duckit, you're really earning that 25% bonus.
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There have been comments posted to Dr Duckett's blog asking that very question, malenurse82. He chose not to reply. However, he has responded to a question about the AHS pandemic plan and avowals that all vacancies would be filled to provide capacity. "This is actually a new topic. I read the AHS Pandemic Plan circulated last week. It calls for filling all vacant positions to create capacity. How will this harmonize with the current direction to reduce spending, gain shortfall dollars through attrition, and replace nursing professionals with unregulated workers? Where will the staff come from when we have lost a graduating class of nurses already?"

    His response? "Thanks again for participating. I have approved external advertising of all current RN and RT vacancies in ICUs. These are typically not positions that can be filled by new grads. Filling these positions is consistent with my previously expressed commitment to find the necessary money somehow to ensure we meet H1N1 needs. Stephen" So that confirms my comments above about the vacancies in my unit...
  13. by   Fiona59
    Hah, have you seen the memo sent to all the units? Basically asking all staff if they have ever worked in the ICUs, would they be open to taking a refresher course and returning to ICU in the event of need during the pandemic?

    We think it's a plot to move nurses to where they don't want to be...