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OK, we've all heard that they are eliminating 100 managerial positions.

We got the OT ban announcement last week, followed by the "part timers should pick up shifts before OT is permitted" (well, duh, that's in the contracts, can't help it if the staffing office failed to follow the rules), followed by the those on OT will be floated off to units within their services that are short.

How about the wonderful pens for nursing week?

How is AHS affecting your work day?

Specializes in med/surg.
CARNA is negotiating and AUPE is due their cost of living increase at the end of the month. The govt. tried to shaft the Teachers on their COLA but had to back down.

Fun times ahead.

Couldn't have put it better myself! Judging from what AHS has tabled it's going to be very messy!!:down::mad:

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