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If you're like me, you'll never forget the first time you gave an injection to a patient. I'll never forget the patient either. I gave the shot in the GM. My nursing instructor right behind me. I... Read More

  1. by   l.rae
    Where is the peeing in my pants laughing smiley? Well, as long as we are confessing; When I was in nursing school part of our required attire were the NURSING CAPS The instructor for this rotation would make Lechter Hannible look like Mother Theresa. (I had IBS one week into this rotation). Anyway, these stupid caps never stayed in place no matter how many bobby pins cause I have baby fine hair. So I'm standing over this patients bare a$$, thank goodness she was turned away from me, and I AIMED, READY, FIRE! There I was with a 1 1/2 in. needle sticking in this pt's butt and my cap is over my eyes! I just froze. :imbar It wouldn't fall off or move. My instructor reached over and yanked it off.... ouch. I will NEVER voluntarily wear one of those caps ever ever ever!
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  2. by   Sable's mom
    These stories are great. My first injection was to my NURSING INSTRUCTOR!!! We all sat in a circle and were to give the injection of NaCl to the person on our left - boy did I wish I had sat somwhere else.
    Anyways, I got everything ready, cleansed the skin, then S.L.O.W.L.Y.... inserted the needle. The instructor didn't even flinch, but when I was finished she said "Next time you could probably insert the needle a little faster.":imbar
    She was the greatest! and I still remember her.
  3. by   indeed
    As luck would have it, my first IM injection was a HepB vaccination on a newborn. I have never been a fan of the maternity rotation, but I tell you now, it was the easiest IM I have ever had to give because those newborns have absolutely NO attention span. The baby screamed for about two seconds and then was off to some other place. The worst part was actually being brave enough to stick that needle (which, at that moment, looked the size of a trocar!!!) in a baby the size of my forearm whilst the family (comprised of approximately the ENTIRE population of the eastern seaboard) watched intently.

  4. by   Zee_RN
    I remember it vividly. My first IM was on poor little old lady who was dying. She was quite thin. And in pain. I was to give her IM Demerol. My instructor was very supportive but I shook like a leaf!! She had to hold my hand to steady it. I looked like the worst Parkinson's patient you have ever seen. The injection went without incident but I'll never forget how badly my hands were shaking. I can recall the exact feeling. I can't remember injection #2, #3 or #3,000 but I remember that first one!
    Originally posted by cbs3143
    How about the first time that you hit a bone on a really thin patient?
    I do that frequently on the newborns. Then they squirm and I feel it scrape along (think finger nails on a blackboard) Ewwww...

    That's why I like the big 8-10 pounders. Lots of thigh to work with!

  6. by   tapper
    I love when these threads are relative to the experiences I am going through now. Gave my first SQ injection today. Poor old guy screamed like . . . But he also screamed when I took some tape off his arm also. O'well . . . sure I'll get at least one IM tomorrow, I'll handle that just like today, just get ready close my eyes and . . . :-p
  7. by   live4today
    Boy, did I love giving IM injections as a student! Bottoms up, baby! I volunteered to give boo-koo shots as a student. I also loved starting IV's! Perhaps I have a 'needle fetish'? :chuckle

    I don't exactly remember the first patient I gave a shot to, but I do recall how good it felt.

    Even after I became a nurse, giving shots was a piece of cake for me. I never did find them difficult to give, nor was I squirmish about it. All someone had to do was say, "Give this patient a shot" and I was right on it! Hee-he!
  8. by   Brownms46
    I totally remember my first IM injection...and I can remember the instructor was one of my least favorite! But I think even she felt sorry for me that day! I had a patient with I went to tell my instructor..that I needed to med him. She said ok...come with me. We go into the med room...and she gets this vial of phenergan down...and sits it on the counter. I looked at her...and said..."What is that"??...DUH...had no clue! I mean my mind was not working here at all! I saw the vial...and my mind went blank! There were several staff members in the room also...and they were giggling to themselves...trying to be cool about it....but couldn't help themselves..because I started pleading with my not make me do this!!! I think this was the first time I had ever seen her smile...but she was also trying not to laugh!! I was a wreck....I promised her the moon...if she would just let me give him a pill or...something else...but not this!! But she wouldn't let me off the hook...of course! Now mind you...I was one who had trouble sticking the orange we used in class for practice!!! I don't remember actually sticking the man...but I do remember the relief I felt when it was over!! WHEW!! Now I have no trouble sticking anyone...and I have also had pts....who say they never felt it...and wanted to know what I was doing different from others! But that is ONE day I will NEVER forget! I can see the med room...I can see the phenergan sitting on the counter.....I can see the other nurses... I can see my instructor standing there trying not to laugh at my begging.....and this was over 22yrs ago!!! Now this is from a person who can never find her darn keys!!!
  9. by   meownsmile
    Well i dont remember my first IM, but i sure remember watching an "experienced" nurse give an IM on the floor my first day of LPN clinicals. She was giving a frail thin gentleman with a broken hip a pain shot. Rather than turn him and give it in the GM she tried to give it in the VL. The needle came out bent to a 90 degree angle. I couldnt believe it. Her only comment was "hmm must of hit the bone". Well duhhhh,, ya think? I felt so bad for him and could only wonder if the bevel broke off in the bone. I dont even think she checked the needle before she discarded it.
    I decided then what kind of nurse i wouldnt be.
  10. by   np2b
    My first was when I was about 12 years old. I remember that my patient wouldn't sit still for me, so my instructor had to help hold her down.

    (Okay, so it was a goat. My sheep got the same treatment a year or so later. The people had to wait 15 years or so.)