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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below) Read More

  1. by   GitanoRN
    you would like to meet the inventor of the call light in a dark alley one night
  2. by   CRNBSN18
    I'm a student.. But my 4 year old said to me last night, "mommy, I need a band-aide or my boo boo will get BACTERIA in it!!" (in a frantic voice) lol.

    He'll probably be like the one posters 4 year old who went to school talking about nursing stuff. He is already way into learning anything that mommy is. And he loves the bones! I've been trying to talk my husband into letting me buy a skeletal man! Yeah, he won't give in. Way too creeped out about it. Hahaha.
  3. by   CRNBSN18
    Quote from GitanoRN

    Good one... just wait after you earn a couple of years under your belt, everyone will be asking you questions on your days off, as a matter of fact I had several family and friends of mine that do the same, they call me or send me a pic, to get my opinion, however, mind you they are in Europe!
    LOL! I just got accepted into nursing school.. Yet my aunt tells me, "you need to tell your grandpa how he can make his blood pressure go up, it's really low!" ummm... ? I don't know anything about that. I asked, "how am I suppose to know that? How about you guys call his doctor!" crazy.. And ridiculous.
  4. by   rntraveler2012
    Quote from gitanorn
    when you believe every patient needs tlc: thorazine, lorazepam and compazine
    omg!!! i can so relate!! lmbo!!
  5. by   GitanoRN
    you believe not all patients are annoying ... some are unconscious
  6. by   brillohead
    (Nursing student, not a nurse yet, but...)

    When a friend collapses at his son's baseball game with CPR all the way to the emergency room, and you spend 36 straight hours in the ICU playing Medical Translator and Newsletter Email Person for the terrified wife and parents and that's where you WANT to be, because if you were home (an hour away) you'd be going crazy not knowing what was going on.

    Everyone said I went right into Nurse Mode as soon as I arrived... guess I picked the right major in school!
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    you sometimes think of wound care as human arts and crafts
  8. by   GitanoRN
    you believe chocolate is a food group
  9. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from gitanorn
    you believe chocolate is a food group
    replace chocolate with caffeine and i'm with you there!
  10. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    Replace chocolate with caffeine and I'm with you there!
    Exactly what I was going to say, but you beat me to it!
  11. by   Hygiene Queen
    When you catch your daughter drawing... lungs .
  12. by   GitanoRN

    you can identify what kind of diarrhea it is just by the smell.
  13. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from gitanorn
    you believe chocolate is a food group
    you mean it isn't?!

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