When nurses have bad dreams - page 4

You have got to hear the dream I had a few weeks ago. I've worked 10 years in medical nursing. It's the night before I start my new job in Interventional Radiology. Before I wake up, I have this... Read More

  1. by   Weenurse
    I had a bad dream only last week, (I was'nt loking forward to my shift the next day due to myself being the only permanent member of staff on duty, so probably explains the dream!)
    In the dream, I was comming to the end of a very busy night shift and at 06.30 , one by one all of the day staff phoned in sick. I don't know the outcome as my alarm went off at that point. I think it was a bad omen as one nurse didn't turn up, we had an RIP and I only managed to grab 15 minutes break out of 14 hour shift! Oh, I do love my job! can anyone remind me why!??
  2. by   Pam I Am

    one of the worst dreams (I've had several times) is that I went a full 12 hour shift and didn't realize it until during the dream that there was a patient that I had not checked in on even one time during the whole day. I had totally forgotten him! Or had never gotten or given report on him! That was a terrible feeling!