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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   sharpeimom
    all i can so is send you a big hug and reassure you that it will get better and worse again occasionally. once a patient laughed so hard that her uppers fell out and while i was bent over retrieving them, she threw up! all over my back, down my neck, into my bra, and into my ears and hair. even worse... there were whole undigested corn kernels throughout!but i survived the encounter and it made me stronger
    down the road with other patients.

    as a student, i was making an occupied bed. the patient was in his 90's and delightful. his primary diagnosis was scleroderma. i was being very very gentle and as careful as i could because of his advanced age and his diagnosis. i washed where he couldn't reach and carried on polite conversation, and was just finishing the bed when... there it was ... on the edge of the bed. omg! i was suddenly very lightheaded! there was the index finger from his left hand! he was so kind to me. he said, "honey, it was nothing you did. it was just the disease. i knew this might happen someday and it looks like someday just became today."
  2. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from Murse537
    Well I was still in nursing school, second semester of Med-Surg on a tele floor. The patient I had been assigned to was morbidly obese (over 400#'s) and was on a vent. I had done my initial assessment and had just begun gathering the patients meds when the nurse approached me and said the patient had a bowel movement and I needed to get a stool sample. Now keep in mind, the patient had a sitter in the room with her at all times that would assist her in using the bedpan. As I'm walking to the room I'm thinking, "I just have to scoop up a little poop, make sure she's cleaned, and I'm done." Well to my surprise, I walk in the room and the sitter informs me she couldn't get the bed pan fast enough. I had to get 2 other students to help me turn her. The smell was overwhelming (she had a GI bleed.) She had a diaper on and most of the poop had been absorbed, or so I thought. I did my best to scoop up as much poop as possible, while gagging simultaneously. I cleaned her up, laid down a new diaper, and turn her back over. I look down and there is a pile of crap where her vagina should be. My peers looked at me as I looked at them , and at that moment I knew I was on my own. One of her legs were contracted making it impossible to spread them. I had no choice but to use one hand to hold back the fat and dig in her creases of fat with the other. It seemed as though every time I went down, more poo would come out... It was never ending. I was literally up to my elbows in her fat creases and my arm was covered in crap! And I don't understand it, but it seems every time a situation like this happens the room is hot as hell! I was soaking wet, dripping sweat, but I finally managed to get her clean. I washed my arm in her rooms bathroom and went throw the soiled linens. I was traumatized as my instructor turned the corner and yells at me for not being prepared to administer meds. I stood there with my forehead still sweating, and with tears in my eyes explained that I had been elbow deep, cleaning crap out of my patients vagina for the past 45mins while my instructor laughed hysterically in my face, and went on to say that was no excuse. It was that day that I almost gave up on nursing!
    That was one horrible day you had dear. Hopefully, things have gotten better for you.
  3. by   Kandy83
    wow i am cna and current pre-nursing student.. these stories are giving me the hebbie gebbies:uhoh21:
  4. by   LaterAlligator
    I hate when you get those really awful smells 'stuck' in your nose. Had a pt today with a foot basically rotting off with gangrene, missing some toes already, and the smell was just so strong! And of course the patient doesn't want the blanket covering or touching that foot, so it's just wafting around freely.

    There is no air freshener on earth that could even come close to covering that smell.
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    We had a patient with rotting flesh once, and we placed an electric airator in her room. That helped a lot.
  6. by   JDZ344
    :: Gag ::
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  7. by   Laboratorian
    recieved a specimen for a fungus culture and when i checked the source it said skin scrapings.
    they were little black and white pieces and when i held it up to the light i saw that it was full of little worms moving and jumping! i liked to have died it scared the hell out of me. took it to parasitology and when we put one of the little worms on the microscope it had little hairs growing out of it's body!

    turns out it was not a cup of worms but a cup of larve (they were babies!!!). and the source was correct. it had to be forwarded to another lab because we don't do arthropod ids.

  8. by   NettaBug
    Lol! I finally reached the end of this feed! And most of these stories are hilariously disgusting!

    These aren't really all that gross, but it's the grossest thing I've experienced so far.

    So, right now I'm finishing up my first semester of nursing school, and our clinical rotation for this semester was in the nursing homes. On my first day, I had to face my biggest fear: a trach patient. As we come in the room and the CNA introduces the patient to us and tells us about how to shower the patient, he asks the patient a question. The patient's response: A gurgle and a large glob of mucus comes out of the patient's trach (his doesn't have a collar; nit's just an open trach) and slides down his neck. I had to control my face; the sound was just awful, and the sight of the mucus had me feeling a little weak. I had to watch the student next to me, however. She looked like she wanted to gag.
    So, the CNA gets the patient ready and meets us at the shower room. The way this patient's trach is cleaned is strange: The CNA sprays some water in there and asks the patient to blow through the trach. That sound...Oh, that sound haunted me...Made me cringe...The patient was a sweetheart though!

    Another story actually happened either that same day or the next week. A patient's daughter-in-law comes out and says that the patient has urinated on herself. Now, I wasn't assigned to this patient or with this CNA. But I passed by the room and decided to help. The patient's legs were so contracted that the urine pooled and soaked through her gown and top sheet, then eventually drained through some space in her legs and soaked the Chux pad. So the other student nurse and I proceed to do a bed bath and linen change. Once the patient's back was turned toward me and I began to wipe her bottom, she begins to have a BM, and no matter how much I wiped, it just kept coming! We eventually got her cleaned up and re-dressed. Such a sweet lady...
  9. by   desireepeach
    Quote from Dayray
    I was a new CNA in the nursing home and feeling very proud of my first step in my chosen career.

    A nice littel old man in a wheel chair waved at one of my co-workers (a pretty littel 18 year-old, fresh out of high school sugar and spice type of girl). He said "honey come over here please" as she bent down to talk to him. He moved the blanket covering his legs and SPLAT! he ejaculated right in her face and mouth. I never saw her again and thus my nursing career beagn...........



  10. by   goats'r'us
    it's funny, i work in theatres and i see a lot of stuff that most people would think is really gross, spanning a wide range from your run-of-the-mill 'where does all the poo come from?', though ridiculous random injuries, and finishing in bad smells, but there are two things today that have truly turned my stomach: footage of this round's AFL injuries which included a spectacular hyperextension of a knee and an absolutely vile ankle dislocation, and my brother-in-law (a jewelerry-store manager) talking about the dead skin he finds in the links of watch bands.
  11. by   jillylittle89
    This is the most wonderful thing I have ever read!! I'm just looking into nursing schools and came across this site , love it! I have a story from when I volunteered at the hospital. My friend who worked there told me this story I had only left for a minute when it happened we were in an ortho clinic across from the mourge the ac had broken that month and they had brought in a body where the deceased had gangrene on his foot. Going into the hospital the gerney got stuck on the automatic door track.......well when they pushed it over somehow ( she couldnt quite explain and im still not sure how this happened) this foot was hit or bumped and it came off. Completely. It was the worst smell ever and having no ac only made it worse. Rotted Green and black foot pretty much disintegrated on impact.Can't wait till I have some of my own stories to tell
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  12. by   Dezy
    I love reading these when I'm in the mood for a laugh. I'm going into my first year and in a funny way I'm looking FORWARD to some of these crazy things happening!

    I wish this thread could be bind into a book and sold in stores
  13. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from dezy
    i love reading these when i'm in the mood for a laugh. i'm going into my first year and in a funny way i'm looking forward to some of these crazy things happening! :d
    then you have the personality to be a nurse. go for it.

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