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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   the nightnurse
    I was caring for a dying cancer patient who, on occasion would have thick, lumpy, bright green vaginal discharge. And when I say discharge, I mean GOBS and GOBS of it, not tiny amounts, if you were to measure it, it would be several cups at a time. And stink to the high heavens! So, the night in question, I go to this poor lady's room to do her treatments, I pull down the covers and lo and behold, there she was lying in a puddle of vaginal discharge. I got her all cleaned up, changed the fitted sheet, the top sheet was clean so it didn't have to be changed. I did the treatments, and pulled the covers up over her. Remember what I said about the top sheet being clean, well, I was so wrong! When I pulled the sheet up, I felt a cold "splat" on my forearm, and the nasty green "stuff" was all over me. Instantly I started gagging, ran to the bathroom and spent the next 20 minutes scrubbing my arm, gagging, and vomiting. I have been a nurse for over 15 years and have only "lost my lunch" twice at work, and this is, by far, the worst. This happened was I was new at the facility, and I didn't want to "bother" my co-workers to come help me clean her up. Moral of the story...get help, don't worry about "bothering" your support staff because we are all there to help one another.
  2. by   Isabelle49
    Prior to becoming an RN, I was a phlebotomist in a hospital. I was drawing blood on a man with a tracy, needle in his arm and multiple tubes to fill when he hacks up a plug and it lands on my wrist that is holding the needle in his arm. I don't know how I did it, but I blocked my gag reflex. That was the absolute worse thing that happened to me.
  3. by   amonraea
    Ive been in LTC for about 15 years in one way or another and have many stories that come to mind but two stand out, one funny (now but not at the time) and one just sad.

    First as a CNA i had two married residents that were sharing the same room, one night while getting folks ready for bed i realized their door was closed and because the husband was a huge fall risk i decided i need to check on things. So i knocked on the door and entered at this point I understood why the door was closed. The wife was on top of her husband and when i entered i startled her and she fell off the bed and her husband. When I ran over to check on her i asked her if she was OK and she replied "yep just a bad dismount" unfortunately she ended up having a broken hip, but once it healed she was back in the saddle and I never entered the room without asking if she was decent again.

    The sad one was a 90 yo gentleman with CA that had mets to the bone and was in a SNF for rehab. I had been an RN for about 6 months at this time and had explained to the family several time the havoc that would be caused on his body if they kept him a full code, but they were set that they wanted to keep him going as long as they could. So as will eventually happen with a person that has multiple co-morbidities and is still on chemo his body gave out and he coded, the first chest compression i could feel and hear the sternum and ribs cracking and breaking under my hands and with each compression more cracking. I had to continue until the paramedics arrived, he didn't make it. But the whole ordeal was awful and i cant remembering felling more horrible for what I had to do to that man.

    I almost walked away after that but 7 years later im still at it and love working with my grumpy old folks.
  4. by   JustmeinKc
    Quote from rashin1981
    There is no way you could be a respiratory therapist. Think about it. Lots of Phlem and trachs and coughing and mucous. Radiology/ Xray tech would be okay. also think about Medical coding or transcriptionist. you could do that from home even
    I had to go wash my hand's multiple times after thinking about that Visual! Urghhh, Its not even the germs. I think It is a form of OCD. Just imagining sticking my hands in say mud or something similar gets to me. But once the hands are dirty, the urges seem to go away. It is only the Idea of it.

    Ah well , I guess I will have to content myself to Mother Henning , and nursing our extended family.
  5. by   rzookrn
    "When I noticed there was more, I had to get my charge nurse. Now, keep in mind this is a very large older woman who was screaming and yelling the entire time. It took 3 of us to get the rest out ( 2 to hold her down, 1 to dig) We got a p-nut butter and jelly sandwich out of her vagina.Who knows how long it had been there, but it didnt smell pretty.

    Can anyone tell me does this happen often with elderly women? I know every case is different...But this scares me!
    :uhoh21: OMG
    I will never eat another PB&J sandwhich again"

    I have definitely been blessed with an iron stomach. I read this story and thought, mmm, a pb and j sandwich would be really good right now! lol.
    The only thing that really gets me is GI bleed, like has been bleeding for days/weeks. I once had this little old lady from a nursing home, bil AKA, GI bleed, and very dead. She coded at the nursing home and was not revived enroute or in the ED. I tried to clean her up before taking her to the morgue. Oh my. Every time I would roll her over to put the body bag under her, more horrible smelling GI bleeding diarrhea would come out. Finally after running out of the room gagging (and laughing) about 4 times, I put a towel under her buttocks and zipped her up and took her to the morgue. It was unreal how bad the whole ER smelled for hours after that!!!
  6. by   wilsonra
    UGH! yucky! I can deal with blood, waste, guts, pus, and phlegm. But ejaculation? ewwww!!! I don't ever want to work in geri, those elderly men have some ahem "ideas".
  7. by   nola1202
    not gross just silly: ridin up an elevator with ER residents..durin Mardis Gras season. One of the popular throws that year were small lightup earrings that had a magnet backing. Those of you who have children know where this is going. First, onto the lip, glowpart outside. then glowpart inside...then, yes up the nose...glow part in...and now stuck...fine, funny, during the parade, then..Oh my God I can't get it out, mom will kill me. Mom tried all the usual solutions, blow hard! no go. So into the ER they came in droves, to have them removed with a nasal speculum and hemostats, little buggers were hard to catch, kept retreating higher and higher, glowin all the while..one of the residents had a cellphone photo from an employees kid..it was really funny.
  8. by   Twinmom06
    I'm a student still but yesterday my patient had an explosive BM the likes of which I've never encountered before....and the smell - the entire floor stunk!!!! It was down the side of his bed, his legs, in his socks (there were poop footprints from the bathroom door to the bed!!!)

    so after getting him cleaned up, redressed, bed stripped (he was being transferred to a rehab facility), the room/floor still stunk...couldn't figure it out until.....

    he apparently hit the trash can on his way...no one noticed until we were throwing out some dressing wrappers and noticed the streaks in the garbage can....I had that smell stuck in my nose for HOURS!!!! (and yes I know and used the Vicks trick!)
  9. by   RaineyRN
    C-Diff+ Old man Testes....'nuff said.
  10. by   RaineyRN
    A resident ordered a double amputee at the VA 2 units of Golightly, 2 days postop from his amputations. Seriously? Like he could get up and go anywhere. Poor man called for help, and was in a POOL of poo by the time we could get to the room... (not my pt). We got him up, and then found his cell phone... in the pool. Kept shaking it, opened it up, tried to clean it out, but the liquid just kept coming out of it. Can you imagine the tech at the store when he goes in to claim on his phone insurance? "Yes, sir. Just let me take a look here." "Okay, but you might want some gloves first." EWwwwwwwwww.
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Thanx, now I can't get the tune "Old Man River" out of my head, but it's "Ol' Man TESTES....":smackingf
  12. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    Thanx, now I can't get the tune "Old Man River" out of my head, but it's "Ol' Man TESTES....":smackingf
    ...they just keeping rollin' along...
  13. by   RaineyRN
    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe
    ...they just keeping rollin' along...

    More like, "Swing lowwwww, Sweet Chariot.... "