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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   lovescapeRN
    I was in a spinal cord injury unit, where a lot of patients cannot control their bowel/ urine. Every shift, we have to glove up, do digital stimulation. Basically insert with 2 fingers with a silver bullet up the there, wait... wait.. then go back and swirl your fingers for a LONG time until **** comes out. u get the picture. didn't help this guy was almost 200 lbs

    may you remind you, this guy had explosive gassy diarrhea that exploded everywhere. Great i had to stand there wait till he passes the gas/ poop, then repeat again. i never looked at my fingers the same way..
  2. by   FranEMTnurse
    I definitely believe that.
  3. by   GoECU
    I work in a prison and we were called to an inmate declared emergency. Now this guy had some abdominal surgery in the past and he has chronically dug in the wound and kept it open. We approach the cell and sh** and greenish stuff is coming out, oh yeah and the corn! He was flicking it at us!
  4. by   canadianwoman
    I cannot believe I just read every single post in this thread and only got grossed out twice.
  5. by   pca_85
    Quote from canadianwoman
    I cannot believe I just read every single post in this thread and only got grossed out twice.
    Do you know how many posts I've read and immediately thought "I'm sooooooooooooo glad I'm not the one cleaning that up!"
  6. by   aem31
    Quote from sleepysnr
    I dont understand how people forget tampons and things in their vaginas and behinds. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to...
    Google "lost tampon". It happens a lot!
  7. by   canadianwoman
    Quote from pca_85
    Do you know how many posts I've read and immediately thought "I'm sooooooooooooo glad I'm not the one cleaning that up!"
    Several I would guess.
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from GoECU
    We approach the cell and sh** and greenish stuff is coming out, oh yeah and the corn! He was flicking it at us!
    :kiss. I can just picture the corn flick.
  9. by   DanaOatman
    I worked in a county hospital ER that had the jail contract.. i had a prisoner coming in with chains on..it was christmas time.. i began hearing jingles..as they walked past me, i heard jink jink jink.. as he hurried along, his chains went into a full rendition on jingle bells.. lol had to be there.. my bad.. gotta find your fun in this profession some how!! lol
  10. by   JSlice.
    As a New CNA: I removed a large dressing off a man with what i was only told was a "very infected foot" for his shower. As i began unwrapping, yellow drainage appeared darker and darker on the dressing and the odor of rotting flesh and infection swept through my nostrils and filled the room. I soon uncovered the first most gruesome sight and smell ever. the man's foot looked like swiss cheese. Gangrene eating away at a couple toes, deep yellow/green craters in the heal and top of the foot. that was the first time i smelled something raunchy enough to cause my stomach to twist.

    As an Older CNA: I was told a man had a swollen scrotum and had crapped all over the place. I walked in the room to find the scrotum was not only swollen, but swollen to the size of a beach ball. My job? I had to lift the scrotum up while the other CNA cleaned out the liquid stool from all crevices. Seeing how the pt was a 300 pounder, we were cleaning poopy out from crevices and off Beach Ball Scrotum for an hour.

    As a Fresh Nurse: I HATE having to help the Dr with female pelvic exams. Most women have the nastiest odors down there. The smell of unshowered vagina is enough to make me want to croak.
  11. by   dankimal
    Fortunately, so far I have been spared the grossest of the gross, so I will offer the best I have and tell a tale from nursing school:

    I was taking my Human Anatomy class as a pre-requisite for entering the BSN program at my school. I was in the lab studying overtime for the upcoming lab practical. My lab partner and I were working our way through the cadaver, locating and identifying various nerves, vessels, muscles, etc., making good progress.

    Now, for those of you who don't know, our cadavers were stored in a contraption that resembled a stainless steel pit barbecue filled with a formaldehyde and formalin "soup." You would crank the handle on the outside of the tank, open the top, and the cadaver would emerge from the preservative. The "soup" was this purplish, red-cabbage color that smelled like latex and something awful, and had a fine colloid of proteins and other dissolved body tissues.

    So as I was working away, I lifted off the thoracic organs to expose the anterior portion of the thoracic spine so we could locate the sympathetic chain ganglion. "Soup" had collected at the bottom of the cadavers chest cavity in a neat little puddle. In the middle of that puddle, was a red piece of yarn that was tied around a structure we were to identify. Without thinking, I took my gloved hand to move the yarn, flicked it out of the way of the nerve we were examining, and saw, in seeming slow motion, a splash and splatter of soup arc through the air towards my face. Before I could react, I felt a distinct moisture on my mouth and lips... I froze... My lab partner asked what was wrong... I replied in a panic, "I think I just drank some of the soup!"

    It tasted awful. Like latex and poo.
  12. by   optimist
    I do wound care in LTC. One day I was doing a routine dry dressing change on a ladys hand as she had dry gangrene to her fingers. We were casually talking as I pulled the old dressing off when something landed in my lap. She looked down first and said " Are you gonna put that back on?" I looked down to see her detached middle finger resting on my leg. It was all I could do to keep my professionalism! (about a month later her toes began to follow suit but I was prepared)
  13. by   Leonca
    Hello, all! I've been following this thread for years, and I've finally decided to sign up so I can join in the discussion. It has brought me much understanding in the field of human medicine and appeals to my morbid sense of humor as well.

    I am almost at the point where I will receive my license as a Registered Veterinary Technician. I'd love to share some of the more interesting stories from my field, if you're cool with that. If not I'll just be re-reading this and commenting as I go.

    I will leave one story from my practicum before I head off to bed. A client brought in a Labrador retriever mix that he said had been missing for weeks and just found again that day. The dog was thin and dirty, and absolutely covered in ticks of all sizes. As the client walked him into the exam room he was literally shedding ticks with each step. He got to stay overnight in isolation while the meds killed them. I went back after he was settled in to pick up as many ticks as I could find and drop them in a jar of alcohol to die. I was so glad none of the other clients sitting in the reception room asked me what I was doing. I can only imagine how grossed out they would have been!

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