What is the worst meal you have ever seen served to a Patient?

  1. I have come across bouncing jelly. No word of a lie, the darn stuff bounced at least twice when you threw it on the floor - it was uncuttable. Asparagus for breakfast (Ewwww).

    One poor chp in ICU, due for D/C to ward that day little appetite but what did the kitchen in it's infinite send him? On a white plate was a white piece of fish in white sauce and neatly arranged at the side was a..... wait for it ...... serve of spagetti bolognaise!!! There are some smells in this universe that God never meant to combine - fish and Spag Bol are two of them!!!!

    The winner though happened during my training. Little old lady on a 20 grm Protien diet. Renal failure - badly fitting dentures and the kitchen sent her a, well the only term appropriate is "leathered", steak. Black and so tough it fought back.

    The RN muttered under her breath - offered it to the patient so we could say that we had done so - then taped that sucker to the plate. When the dietitian came up later in the day she held up the plate vertically with this black piece of hard leather curling around the tape. To this day I do not know it that bit of steak had curled through drying or it was trying to escape. It had the desired effect - the meals got better.

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  3. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I don't know what it is about the housekeepers sometimes....here's a few I've seen and ones I see that annoy me or make me laugh:

    *Gravy on quiche (without even ASKING if patient wanted it).
    *Housekeeper told a patient it was lamb, but it was infact liver.
    *Bad food & hygiene practice
    *Giving out puddings at the same time as the main course.
    *Cauliflower chesse or cheesey pasta with gravy or with mash (or both if the patient is lucky).
    *Seeing that a patient is behind a curtain, either just walking in behind the curtain or leaving the dinner on the bedside table without saying anything or keeping it warm.
    I could go on.......but won't
  4. by   tattooednursie
    EWWWWWEWWWWEWWWW- creamed ham over cornbread, or creamed eggs over toast.
  5. by   itsme
    Pureed lettuce salad- it was like a little bowl of green slime! nummy-not!
  6. by   CCL"Babe"
    While in training, a poor old gentleman who had been NPO the entire day before. Ordered Kosher breakfast. With a big ta Da! I lifted the lid only to see an order of bacon and an order of sausage. The piece de la resistance...a dirty tissue stuck to the lid of the tray.

    Had a patient that infarcted during his CABG. Not doing well post op. His MD and he were having disagreements. Patient would not do his cardiac rehab walks and had trouble eating. The guys BP was so low usually we could only hear it with a doppler. (before the days of auto BP cuffs) So we kept a cup of blue doppler jelly in the room. The patient had agreed to eat a certain amount of dinner that night, the nursing assistant was pulled to our unit from OB GYN. She very nicely put the cup of blue jello on his dinner tray. The patient later told me "I really tried to eat dinner, see, I even ate all of that horrible blue jello" The doctor laughed and said "at least he won't be constipated for a while. I was horrified.
  7. by   Furball
    Chicken that smelled like fish...we didn't know what it was.....sent it to the lab for analysis (to be taste tested by someone who would eat anything)....it was pork.
  8. by   jadednurse
    Originally posted by itsme
    Pureed lettuce salad- it was like a little bowl of green slime! nummy-not!
    This was my vote also...it looked like a dollop of guacomole to me!
  9. by   katscan
    Are we getting queasy yet????? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   oramar
    It always seemed to me that late meals were in the worst condition. I remember one guy that got back about 8pm from a heart cath. He called me in to look at the entree that had been delivered to him. It was unrecognizable. Just a pile of ugly looking mush. He refused to eat it and I would have to if it was me.
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  12. by   gwenith
    With a thread like this to read through - who needs weight watchers?
  13. by   canoehead
    Thickened water for stroke patients.

    (blue jello...ewwww)
  14. by   Nursie30
    Pureed Cheetos
    Slurry over a bologna sandwich

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