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what are some of the most ridiculous or outrageous things patients have asked of you? i am nurse one of two nurses with 4 patients the other night in delivery. place was hopping. i answered the light... Read More

  1. by   Zookeeper3
    on that same tune, after explaining to the family that the patient's condition was 'grave" and feared she would die throughout the night.... they looked at me, and their watches and one asked "do you know what time that would be? we were thinkin of heading home for a bit".

    (sure buddy, my crystal ball says 0400, )

    Quote from hollyhobby
    i had a patient who was darned-near brain dead, on full support, and doing very poorly. i gently explained to the patient's sisters that there was a good chance the patient would die during the night.

    her sister asked me, "well, if she dies tonight, will they still do the eeg tomorrow?"
    i wasn't sure how to react to this. i said, "no".
    "well, what about cat scans?"
    "no," i said, "if she dies, we aren't going to do anymore tests."
  2. by   morte
    Quote from daisy1648
    While working as a nursing assistant, during nursing school, I was asked by a rotund, elderly, spinal surgery patient if I would shave her legs because her husband was picking her up early in the morning to go home. She explained that since she had been in the hospital for a few days, he would probably want to pull the car over on the side of the road and get into the back seat for some "lovin." hmmmm..just never got around to it that night!
    actually, this is not an unfair or out of bounds request.....which i hope you learned in nursing school
  3. by   cherrybreeze
    Quote from morte
    actually, this is not an unfair or out of bounds request.....which i hope you learned in nursing school
    You don't think it's out of bounds for a patient, who is about to be discharged, to ask/expect you to shave her legs? It MIGHT be different if they were there long term, and you were doing it to help out with a sense of normalcy issue, but either way.....they didn't teach us to shave legs in nursing school, and I've not shaved a pair of legs in 14 years in healthcare (and don't remember ever being asked, for that matter).
  4. by   beachmom
    be glad you don't live in holland. here's the first sentence, the title and a link to another forum here on allnurses:

    a union representing dutch nurses will launch a national campaign friday against demands for sexual services by patients who claim it should be part of their standard care.
    new standard of care? (warning: adult content)


    what is shocking is that it seems the patients' demands are being taken seriously as the union is needed to help the nurses get out of it.
  5. by   Cindy_A
    I DO remember shaving legs in nursing school. But I was never asked to shave someone's legs while working as a nurse.
  6. by   jngnurse
    Quote from nursejws
    Omg, where do ya draw the line?!?!
    Lol! Ha!
  7. by   franciscangypsy
    a gentleman with a ginormous, edematous scrotum who would ask us to put his scrotum in a sling made from a towel. :spin:

    A lady who asked for food or coke every time we walked by or into her room. While I had two dying patients and a full team of six people. And she says, "why can't you deal with me now. spend a few minutes on ME." Well, if you only knew... Then at 0200 or 0300, she asks for tomato soup to help her fall asleep. I get it, but tell her to sleep well -- i.e., stop calling me for food, so I can concentrate on my pt who is desatting and having LOC changes. Next time I go in, to change an IV bag, she asks for chicken noodle soup to help her fall asleep. Wasn't that what the tomato soup for? Well, I didn't like it. Oh, well, if you didn't like it...
    Charge nurse told me to just tell her the kitchen was closed. That I had other things to do besides being this lady's waitress. "Well, if I don't get my chicken noodle soup, I'll tell on you." I just walked out. I think she was still talking, but I had had it. Thankfully, she forgot about her anger later -- or realized how stupid she would sound -- b/c she told the dayshift nurse how much she loved me at the end of the night. Go figure. I wonder if she eats all night at home too.

    Just for the record, usually I don't mind getting patients food, but I was just worn out that night and she was my least complicated patient except for some wound care.
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