Taking your 4 yr old to the restroom!!

  1. Just thought I'd make some of you laugh today! This is a true story about my son Andrew and one (of many) experiences I had while taking him to the bathroom in a restaurant.

    we get in there and it's pretty full but there is a stall open so I nudge him to go into it and do his business. After he's in and I tell him through the door to lock it and I will be over by the sink -he does and says okay. After about a minute he says "mom, there's toilet paper in here".
    My response, "okay use it when your finished."

    Another minute passes by and Drew says, "I will wipe really good, okay mom!"

    I say, "okay, be quiet and finish please!" At this point everyone was staring at me!

    As the ladies in the restroom are coming out of the stalls they smile, some even giggle. Not sure if they were smiling because he's comical or because they were once in my shoes. Anyway, he is not done and as he gets quiet, someone in the next stall lets out some GAS!!!

    I was literally praying to God that he didn't hear it because I was fearfull of what was coming out of his mouth next. There is a pause......then


    "Yes Drew."


    All the women started cracking up!! My face turned bright red and it was all I could do not to gag him when he came out of that stall. He had the nerve to come out and look all embarrassed like I embarrassed him!

    Well let me tell you, now when he says he has to go to bathroom when we are out I threaten him before we go in!!!

    I know, I'm such a mean mom!! He is going to be class clown, I just know it!!!

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  4. by   Scavenger'sWife
    that was funny!!!!

    Here are my kids' bathroom funnies...

    Once, when my daughter was about three, I took her to the public RR at the local JC Penny store. It was the 1st time she had been in a public BR. This store had a large one, about 10 stalls. She went in, looked around in total awe, and said, very loudly, "WOW! They gotta LOT of potties!!!" :chuckle

    In our family we used to joke that our son had to check out the BR everywhere we went...it just seemed he ALWAYS "had to go"... He was about two or three and was in the BR at Pizza Hut and passed gas...he started laughing hysterically and was still laughing when he came to the table. He says, (of course LOUDLY!), "I burped with my butt!!!" :chuckle

    Hee hee.......aren't kids great?!:roll
  5. by   JULZ
    lol!! Burped with my butt is something mine would say so I know how you feel!!!

    kids are great-- do i want anymore???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. by   karenG
    my youngest, who is now 11, has to go every toilet!! he gives them marks out of 10! I'm getting used to it...........and its easier now he goes to the mens!! he is such a critic............

  7. by   moz
    My sister was in a small restaurant and sent her 4 yr old dtr to the bathroom. They're eating and can hear Katie from the bathroom yelling "mom! my poop won't come out!"

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