Stupid things coworkers say

  1. Now, this isn't meant to be mean or downing anyone, but sometimes the people you work with say some really dumb things that are worth sharing.

    We had a patient that was being dismissed after being admitted as a 23 hour observation. The nurse that was dismissing the patient turned to me and said, now she can't leave until 5 right? (It was 9 am) I said five?? She said "Well she was admitted at 6 and 5 would be 23 hours duh!!!". After I explained to her that 23 hours was the maximum time, and tried to be very calm and professional, all the while having visions of her telling this poor lady that even though she was dismissed by the doc, that her time wasn't up, so she couldn't go. I had to lock myself in the bathroom to laugh, she was soooo serious!!!!!!

    Okay, now you all no bashing---be nice.
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Ah, how about a stupid thing I've said to a coworker. How about "Feel my forehead, I think I have a fever."



  4. by   mother/babyRN
    I hesitate to admit this but I did once forget that a co worker had a glass eye and asked her what strength her vision was. She gave me a number ( 20/20 in the left eye) and I asked her what about the other one and SHE said , WHAT other one? Duh.....
  5. by   nursedawn67
    I have said this my self but I have to admit it is a stupid thing to say...."it's been quiet all night/day"....which pretty means it will be wild!!!!!!!

    Or how about when I brought a in the process of full code resident to ER and they asked the last time I seen her ok...and I reply at 3am when I gave her a tylenol supp.....they asked the stupidest question I can imagine....."was she alive and breathing then?" I thought the supp would ease things along!!!!
  6. by   ageless
    After being asked to float to different floor, I was walking down the hall to give a medication and notice a pungent order coming from another patients room who was on a megga dose of lactalose. Just then a nurse's aide stepped out of the room and hurriedly asked for the the room deordorizing spray. Always wanting to be helpful, I replyed "I'll get it, where is it? She rolled her eyes and barked "it's up his back and down his legs!". Holding back laughter, I said " I meant ...where is the SPRAY..?!?!
  7. by   hapeewendy
    we had a relatively new staff on, with zero med-surg experience, she was coming on night shift at 1930 and as always a patient coded at change of shift...were in the working madly, drs come, yadda yadda, pt didnt make it, out goes the cart , the drs, resp therapy , were taking his et tube out and she comes in and says "oh , he made it"
    yah he made it alright , made it right to heaven!
    the incharge politely said "if he had made it he would be attacted to a bag, and we would be rushing him to the ICU.
  8. by   grandma rn38
    my co-worker and i were charting, and i had pull my top down in front some, looking down at my breast for crums. she said are those yours!, and i thought she was talking to me, i said excuss me. we both knew at that time what i was thinking. she was talking about something else. so funny.
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  9. by   DF-LPN
    this happened when i was a NA.
    another NA was having a difficult time getting a bp on a res and asked if i could try it. we walked into the room and you could tell the res was not in good shape so i told the other girl to go get the nurse and i would take her vitals. the other girl left and came back with the nurse but in the mean time the res had died. the other NA looked at the res, then at me, then at the nurse and said " she was alive when i left the room!" i still crack up at that one!!
  10. by   misti_z
    I asked 'Blood sugars AC and HS' and she said 'No 7, 11, 4, and 9' :roll :roll
  11. by   grace90
    I'm on a high dose of prednisone for 7 days for dermatitis, and I swear it's making me loopy.
    Last night I wanted to let another nurse know I had helped her pt with something and he needed some medication. I was busy with something else, but kept trying to get a hold of her, until I heard a phone ringing just behind me. She had been about 5 feet away from me the whole time. Duh!
  12. by   TexasGrrl
    These are making me laugh!
  13. by   scucer
    i have a hard time when other nurses mix up "bathe" and "bath". sometimes i'll get report and they'll say "oh, and i bathed your patient" and i'll reply "oh, you BATHED them? Thanks!". something about incorrect grammar just irks me something fierce!!!
  14. by   biker nurse
    I was working LTC and a resident had passed, I asked the Dr who was making rounds if he could pronounce her His reply"Can it wait?"
    (om no she might come back)