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Ok, here's one for the books. I was attacked by my stethoscope yesterday. It flew into my eye HARD. Jammed my hard contact into it. I now have a corneal abrasion & have to be off work at least 3... Read More

  1. by   staceylee67
    My friend May and I had the giggles one day after work when we went to the parking office. There were these empty 5-gallon water jugs outside of the office that she tripped on. The first one was bad enough, but everytime she tried to put it back she kicked it further, then the next one went over and so on and so on. So of coarse we were laughing and all of these people in line were staring at us. So I got in line and she went to sit down. I decided I was hot so I took my coat off, and told her to catch it as I wadded it up in a ball. As I threw it to her, I hit this chicks back pack which knocked her sideways. She gave me the nastiest look, and I said I was sory but I thin the fact that May and I were laughing so hard made her more angry. It was after the day shift, and I understand most people were grumpy from a long day, but the whole thing was too funny. But at least it made the parking guy smile!:roll
  2. by   santhony44
    Many moons ago I was an LPN student doing a postpartum clinic rotation.

    The resident was doing a pelvic exam. He held out his gloved hand so I could squirt some KY out of the tube onto his fingers.

    Well, the last person to use it had not closed the tube tightly. Dried KY is like plastic.

    He's waiting, the patient with her feet up in the stirrups and her bottom hanging off the table is waiting. I'm squeezing.

    No KY. Squeeze harder. No KY. Squeeze even harder.


    The large glob of KY is on the resident's shoe.

    Ooops. Sorry!!

    Now, of course, it's funny. :roll
  3. by   JeepgirlRN
    Im in a patients room to flush the IV. Somehow when i go to draw up the flush i completly miss the bottle and stab my self in palm of my hand. So Im standing there in shock with the syringe dangling from my hand just staring at it.. The patient starts screaming - Pull it out Pull it out!! Well i couldnt pull it out - I was just standing there staring at it until finally the patients son walks over and jerks the needle out of my hand.. Needless to say the family laughed histerically every time i walked into the room.. Im just glad it was an unused needle!!

    The very next day i had drawn up some insulin and for some reason stuck it in my pocket.. Well apparently the cap came off the needle while in my pocket and when i reached in to grab it i injected 5 units of humalog into my thumb.. I ran straight to the kitchen for some juice and peanut butter!!
  4. by   lupin
    I pull down the large overhanging lights in our ER rooms so I have extra light when putting in a female foley. Several times someone has asked me a question and I've turned my head and slammed it right up against the light.
    I also have accidentally squirted myself in the eye with a normal saline flush (before it came in contact with the pt) because I couldn't see where the air bubble was.
  5. by   grace90
    I carried an ice pack and an IV bag into a patient room. Intending to hand her the ice pack so she could place it on her abdomen herself, I started to hand her the IV bag instead. We both had a good laugh about it. I wonder what would have happened if I had tried to spike and hang the ice pack. :spin:
  6. by   Adham Ahmed
    :hatparty: nice tricks , I don't remember any of personal trick happed with me as mentioned here ..
    thanks for all
  7. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Ruby Vee

    Our neice was working for a pizza parlor, in the kitchen. She was chopping jalapenoes one day, and took a break to go to the bathroom and change her tampon . . .

  8. by   firstaiddave908
    ouch about getting your hair stuck.
  9. by   sanctuary
    Quote from rninwch
    Umm...I once dropped a syringe which then rolled under my pt's bed, as I bent to retrieve it she pressed the button to raise the head of her bed which then caught my hair in one of the joints and pulled tight. No amount of changing the angle of the head of the bed helped me get loose. We had to press the call light. The other RN working with me laughed her butt off as she cut me loose. I wore a surgical cap the rest of the night and got a hair cut (a VERY short one) the next day.


    Too Funny
  10. by   sanctuary
    Quote from strong_willed
    I'm really clumsy at times, and during the olympics a couple of years ago, I was talking to the patient while we were watching the figure skating. I was imitating the skater who was on, got caught in her IV tubing (thankfully not attached at the time) and did about the most ungraceful swan dive ever!

    :roll:roll:roll I'm still laughing. These should be published, Brian... Really!
  11. by   grace90
    I was doing the narc count with another nurse, and bent down to check the small refrigerator that holds a few meds. As I stood back up, I whacked my head on the metal narc cabinet door. I already had a thundering headache before hitting my head, so I stood there dazed for a few seconds. After I recovered, I looked at my coworker and said "How do my pupils look?" She decided my neuros were ok and we went on with the rest of the night.
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  12. by   analee23
    I thought I'd add a few... I'm quite a klutz myself, so have quite a few... here's a couple.

    When I was in nursing school we had one day that we could go and watch surgical procedures. This was quite cool because I had been caring for a patient with a brain tumor that was going to the OR. Very neat. So I'm standing there watching the neurosurgeon carefully dissect down, he's standing there with bone-saw in hand ready to cut into the skull, it's literally buzzing in his hand and my legs were getting a little tired from standing in one place, decided to move a little bit and tripped over the cord that went to the light mounted on his head, unplugging it, the surgeon says, "Uhh, LIGHT please!" I was so embarrassed, but luckily he wasn't sawing at that point!

    Another more recent one, I was taking care of a critical patient in the ED, taking patient to cat scan. Patient is intubated and on a vent, so we were bagging on the way to CT. So we get done with CT, hook pt. back up to O2 under the bed and everything, get him all packaged up and start on our way back to ED... his sats slowly start to drop and then PLUNGE! I'm freaked, but luckily have a second nurse, start running down the hallway with pt to make it back to room, loose BOTH of my shoes, causing me to slide into wall thus causing my body to crash into the wall, luckily just kinda graze the wall with the stretcher... but there's suddenly blood everywhere... I sheered off the IV tubing, not sure how I did it, but I'm freaked, we rush the kid back... I now have wet socks from IV fluid and blood, get him all hooked up... turns out I forgot to turn the O2 tank on.... yah, not my finest moment, but he was OK.... luckily! My co-worker that went to CT with me was not impressed, but nice enough to get my shoes and a pair of hospital footies...
    I now carry a spare pair of socks to work... I'm THAT special!
  13. by   leannel80
    well, one day at work i dropped my badge, and just out of instinct immediately reached down to grab it...well, i had forgotten to push my chair away some from from the nurses station and knocked the crap out of my head:yldhdbng:...on the left side of my forehead...and the sound of it was so loud that my co-workers thought i had kicked the desk...until they saw me grab my head, and said "was that your head?!" i wanted to start swearing sooo bad:spbox:...but since i work at a peds office, obviously not the best idea. so i took some motrin and blew it off. two days later i was still dizzy vomiting and even had a dent in my forehead! i had to go the the ER for a CT...ended up with a CONCUSION!!! so now i don't even keep my badge on. to this day my co-workers still think that it was pretty funny that i got a concussion from something so stupid!:smackingf

    so PLEASE...if you drop something MAKE SURE TO MOVE YOUR CHAIR BACK!

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