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Ok, here's one for the books. I was attacked by my stethoscope yesterday. It flew into my eye HARD. Jammed my hard contact into it. I now have a corneal abrasion & have to be off work at least 3... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    i have many 'wowsers' but choose not to incriminate myself.
    yes, they're that bad.

    i was watching 'untold stories of the er' recently; and it focused on an elderly gentleman admitted with some gi stuff.
    his wife of approx 50-60 yrs never left his side.
    as he was preparing for discharge, he started fainting after going to the bathroom.
    labs and other diagnostics were all wnl.
    doctors were perplexed and decided to have him stay.
    as it turned out, his wife had been rubbing what she thought was preparation h on his hemorrhoids, after he was done going to the bathroom.
    it was in fact, nitropaste- thus, the sudden fainting.

    i'm almost certain he didn't have any hemorrhoids on his arms or chest area.

  2. by   muffie
  3. by   ToxNurse
    This is way too funny....

    At work nurse friend walked into utility room that had a DO NOT ENTER sign.. The floor was being redone and she walked right into the glue that was being cured for new flooring... Could not get shoes off of floor and had to call contractor back from lunch to help out...

    Doing first rounds at 0730, walked into room, female patient was sleeping, I started toward the bed to look closer at the monitor, tripped over my own two feet and fell face first across her abdomen and thighs..She woke up with her nurse laying across her.. Best I could come up with was.. Good morming, my name is ___ and I am going to be your nurse today...

    Chair at computer was angled wrong and I could not get lever under chair to work. I stood up, turned a faced the chair, reached the lever under the seat.. The seat propeled forward, hitting me in the forehead, causing me to go to the floor in severe pain, instant headache and dizziness. I had large egg sized goose egg above eye.. Developed raccoon eyes 2 days after the event... The Employee health nurse had trouble suppressing her laughter when she called me to find out how it happened...and it was witnessed by 4 family members who were standing in the hallway...

    Nurse friend slipped in urine that leaked from a foley bag and broke her wrist when she fell. :roll
  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    During my first clinical day of nursing school, I was trying to figure out how to work the big tub in the hospital. I asked my instructor for help, but she hadn't worked in the hospital for several years. The two of us were leaned over the tub trying to figure out which of the 15 buttons did what. My instructor was so caught up in the buttons that she wasn't paying attention to where she was pointing the sprayer. She finally hit the right button and the water fired me in the face and all over my uniform. She felt so embarassed, and I felt pretty embarassed too. What a start to clinicals!
  5. by   santhony44
    Seeing a patient in outpatient clinic, wearing street clothes- wearing a skirt. Sit on rolling stool, roll around in it, try to stand up.

    I rolled the stool over the skirt. I've done it more than once. I haven't lost a skirt yet though.

    I've also put my stethoscope in my lab coat pocket, then tripped over it when it dangled out.

    Doing a history and physical on a gentleman one day, I asked him about surgeries. He told me about an eye surgery; I asked some detailed questions. Thirty seconds later: "When have you had your eyes examined?" The gentleman looks at me funny and I remember we just discussed this at length. "Oh, I'm sorry, we just talked about that, didn't we?" DUH!

    This one I didn't do. A gentleman with an above-elbow arm amputation is in the hospital. The nurse comes in to draw blood. She gets an antecubital vein in the other arm. Withdraws the needle, puts the cotton ball over the puncture site. "Now, Mr. Smith, put your finger here and hold pressure." Mr.Smith: "Well, now, it would be a really neat trick if I could do that!!"
  6. by   AfloydRN
    Drew up some fentanyl for a burn patient, flipped the syringe in the air and it landed on my big toe- through the shoe and all. I was impressed. Of course have ran MYSELF over with our ER carts.
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from afloydrn
    drew up some fentanyl for a burn patient, flipped the syringe in the air and it landed on my big toe- through the shoe and all. i was impressed. of course have ran myself over with our er carts.
    [font="comic sans ms"]lol! i once had to fill out an incident report for an lpn who did that -- and injected the contents of the syringe (morphine). she says it was an accident!
  8. by   santhony44
    I worked with an LVN in a clinic who had never seen an epipen until she had to use one.

    She grabbed it and popped herself in the thumb.

    She was very uncomfortable for a while but was OK. (So was the patient- there was a second epipen on hand).
  9. by   Indy
    Sending the contents of the foley baloon down to the lab for a UA.
  10. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Quote from Indy
    Sending the contents of the foley baloon down to the lab for a UA.
    Haha! Thats actually a really good one! I'll be sure to remember that one...
  11. by   nrsang97
    I saw that same episode of "Untold stories of the ER" I laughed when they found out what was happening. They thought she was poisoning him!! So to clarify which cream was which the doc labeled the hemorrhid cream with a brown marker and the nitropaste with a red marker. Gotta love stupid human tricks.
  12. by   nrsang97
    Of course I have almost tipped over the crash cart more times than one. We had a nurse who was pregnant and did a nose dive with the crash cart. Everything turned out OK but we never let her get the cart for a code again.

    One night while working with this same pregnant nurse she dropped a restoril on the floor and couldn't find it. I went with a flash light to look under the bed and still didn't find it. I stood up and THWACK went the top of my head on the paitients TV. I saw stars for about 2 minutes and she couldn't stop laughing. I have done thing like that more than once. Since in that particular hospital the TV's were on swing arms. Now the hospital where I work has the TV's mounted from the celing. I have also banged my head on bedside tables and bedrails too. Cut my fingers on ampules. Dropped buckets of soapy water on the floor after giving a bath. Nurse aide looked at me after I did that and said "I guess your water broke" We both got a good laugh.

    Last November I was going into pick up a pizza for lunch before going to work, and I stepped wrong on my foot and tried to correct my balance and only made it worse. I ended up falling flat on my face with a bunch of highschool kids laughing at me. My knee hurt forever after that.
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  13. by   nursedawn67
    I was trying to transfer a resident from the nursing home I work at to the hospital, this patient was very ill and I was trying to hurry. Well the EMT's arrived and I was taking them to the residents room, I saw a wet floor sign outside the door so I slowed down as I entered the room, once in the room I bent to pick up and move the mat beside the bed and I must have been in a very wet area and my legs just decided to go in two different directions...well this chick isn't meant to do the splits but that is just what I did. It happened so fast I didn't even realize it until I was down and doing the splits! The EMT's are at the door asking if I'm ok and since they were here do I need a ride to the hospital. My face must have been all kinds of shades of red! And boy was I sore for quite a few days!

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