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Ok, here's one for the books. I was attacked by my stethoscope yesterday. It flew into my eye HARD. Jammed my hard contact into it. I now have a corneal abrasion & have to be off work at least 3... Read More

  1. by   3boysmom3
    We have those door handles that are long thin metal things, you know the ones that you just grab and pull downward to open the door- how many times have I gone rushing into a room and been yanked backward as I hear the sound of my lab jacket pocket ripping.....:imbar
  2. by   3boysmom3
    Wait, wait, I have another one... how about, while making friendly conversation with your patient, asking "Is this your wife?" and he says.... "no, that's my daughter." (as the lady glares at me...)

    Kind of like one time when my son was born (I was 35 when I had him) someone said "what a cute baby! Is that your grandchild?" Oh no she didn't.....
  3. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    I am just the right height that the sleeve of my scrubs manage to get caught on the door handles (the ones that have a paddle sticking up on the outside and down on the pt side of the door, I start to leave and then get pulled back...
    The door to the basement has a doorknob that is one of the sideways lever handles that you just push down to open the door. I was running up the steps with a basket of laundry and I pushed the door handle down with the basket and then went to go through doorway sideways with the basket. Well I was wearing jeans and the beltloop from the jeans slid over the doorknob and I was stuck to the door! I was really stuck. I could NOT get off the door. I had to drop the basket, and try to undo my pants with my butt stuck to the door knob!! Finally somehow it came free!

    I was also in the office at work one day (my p/t job while in school) and I dropped my pen, so I rolled the chair back a bit and bent over to pick up my pen when somehow the chair tipped forward and spilled me onto the floor and clobbered on top of me. There is a video camera in the office because of the cash and such there and so I wouldn't tell anyone about it for a while so they couldn't figure out when it was to rewind the tape and all get a good giggle by playing on the big screen at the company Christmas party!! LMAO!
  4. by   meintheUSA
    Quote from 3boysmom3
    Wait, wait, I have another one... how about, while making friendly conversation with your patient, asking "Is this your wife?" and he says.... "no, that's my daughter." (as the lady glares at me...)

    Kind of like one time when my son was born (I was 35 when I had him) someone said "what a cute baby! Is that your grandchild?" Oh no she didn't.....
    :imbarDid this myself MANY times until I caught on there was an easier way... Look at the person whom should be doing the introduction and say: " AND THIS IS??????????" Saves embarressment on all parties involved
  5. by   Morning-glory
    Oh Man, these are so good.

    We have these door handles that are U shaped. Everytime I wore my lab coat, I'd catch the inside hem on it. So I'm running out of the room to call a code, and AKK! I get caught on the inside handle, get spun around and hitched up. Leaning out the door yelling for help as I cannot get myself unhooked. I don't wear my lab coat anymore.

    Once while in consolidation, my nurse was showing me how to insert a rectal tube. That all went well, but while I was on break, all hell broke loose. Turns out I didn't close the clamp on the bag as it came out of the packaging that way and I didn't think to check it. LPN walked it to make sure it was working and lifted up the bag to check it instead of leaning down to it, and the contents of a very full bag emptied down her leg and into her new white shoes. There had been a fold at the bottom that keep everything in, but as soon as she lifted it, it just let go. They were all very nice about it, but did remind me to check the clamps on everything the first time I use it. 10 years later and I still check the clamps.
  6. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from santhony44
    I haven't done it myself, but I've seen someone grab a stethoscope and not notice an ear piece was missing and slap it into their ear hard and fast enough to draw blood. Ouch!
    Did they then wipe it with an alcohol thingy?
    I found staph going around LTC due to sharing stethoscopes.....
  7. by   Nurturer3
    LOL. These are hilarious!!!
  8. by   SunRose7
    One night a coworker and myself were transerring a lady who was as wide as she was tall. Max x2 assist to the BSC. I hated physical therapy for this one. My coworker and I hoisted the lady over to the commode and in the middle of the transfer the call button got pulled out of the wall.:selfbonk: So Im the only one small enough to reach between the pt sitting onthe BSC and the bed (imagine the begining of a cartwheel to reach behind the headboard). Now, imagine the intensity and frustration you would feel if you were being chased by a wild animal and you were trying to get your keys out and unlock the door to no avail with the first few tries... yeah, that was me trying to plug the call light in because I knew this pt was not going to withhold her mt. vesuvius BM. FINALLY """CLICK""" I get it plugged in and try to regain my balance and just as my head is moving past the commode "BBBVVVVfffTTT--BBBLLLleeeCCKk-TTTTTfffTTTT PLECK!!!" I was like: :stone (Any woman can relate when I state the fact that she put my husband to shame.) I tossed the call light in her hand and my coworker was waiting on the other side of the curtain with his hand over his mouth turning 20 different shades of red. "GIMME A BUZZ WHEN YER DONE MMKAY?" I said throug my teeth... we sprinted down the hall by the utility closet were no one could hear us and proceeded to laugh our hineys off. :lol_hitti
  9. by   Ilithya
    One time I was at work and we currently do bar code scanning for medication administration so the nurses have computers on wheels that we use which of course are slow as molasses. So usually when avaliable I try to use the grounded computers (they are MUCH MUCH faster) the only problem is that if a doctor shows up you have to immediately back out of whatever you're doing and give them your spot. So one day I'm sitting and documenting when one of the doctors (who, luckily is one of the ones Im very fond of) shows up. I was just finishing anyway so I (who am known for my clumbsiness) am quickly exiting out of my program and trying to get up while telling the doctor that this computer is avaliable while at the same time the docor is going for the chair next to it while telling me he doesn't need the computer. Well I end up hitting my chair (while trying to stand) on the other one and of course tripping and falling INTO the doctor and the only thing I manage to grab onto while flailing on the way down is his lab coat. So them Im on the floor at his feet and he's laughing at me and grabbing the chair telling me to sit down before I hurt somebody. It was pretty embarassing and I still get flack for it!!!
  10. by   Chewie_123
    Quote from TuTonka
    Have you ever worn crocs? They stop moving but you don't? Visited many a wall when I wore them.

    The dreaded Croc Stop!
    I was taking care of a case that earned me a case report on grand rounds. So naturally, in front of a bunch of docs and administration-type nurses, I catch a toe and have to flail madly to regain my balance. I wish I had a video of that one. I was told I presented the case well, though.
  11. by   Aneroo
    Quote from santhony44
    I worked with an LVN in a clinic who had never seen an epipen until she had to use one.

    She grabbed it and popped herself in the thumb.

    She was very uncomfortable for a while but was OK. (So was the patient- there was a second epipen on hand).
    I had a coworker do that. She ended up in the ER with a pale thumb b/c of the vasoconstriction!

    Quote from truern
    5' 2", huh?? I've been jerked back too many times to count
    It happens to all of us- I'm 5'7"! I've ripped many pockets. Ive ever ripped some off of pants (thanks to my scissors).

    I've bonked my head on too many hanging IV poles, twisted many ankles (thanks Dansko's), too many near face plants (thanks crocs)...
  12. by   bebe2010
    When i was a Cna i work for a LTC facility, i work 4-12 shift and i walked in to check on a resident, the room was dark, and as i turned around to walk out of the room i caught my foot on the oxygen tubing and ended up spranging my knee. I was out of work for 3 weeks. OUCH!
  13. by   GPatty
    Haha! These are great!

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