Questions men can never answer.

  1. One question which comes to mind is: "Does my butt look big in this?"..To reply in the negative (as would seem sensible, even if not true) brings a response of "you liar! you don't mean it!"
    A positive reply is neither wanted or wished for, and could be life-threatening! any others?
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  3. by   Jay Levan
    Well Don, first I believe, the name of this thread should read "Questions Men can never ask" Secondly, my Butt was once bold,round, and muscular. Alas, having rounded the bend into the senior citizens realm, those terms can no longer be used in reference to my butt. It now just takes two adjectives, Flat, and Frumpy Anyway, I have little time to worry about that, because I also have problems with my superior, anterior, and inferior sides, which I can clearly see,(I'm Fat, Bald and Short) Thirdly, I thought Butts are called Bumms in Bloody old England?
    On a more serious note, it is very unusual for Men to discuss their Butts with anyone outside their immediate Family, and closest friends. The reasons for this , I am sure, vary widely, in my case I have spent my whole carreer answering the age old question, "Oh you must be one of them Male Nurses, Huh?? to which I developed the answer, "Yup, last time I looked!
    Sorry I couldn't add a little Humor to your Post about Cell Phones, but when you've been literally run off the roadway twice by people using them while driving, it becomes hard to find Humor in them Have a great Day
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    How about the infamouse "what are you thinking?"

    That's a minefield of assumption if I ever crossed one.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    Do you think SHE'S prettier/fatter than ME??
  6. by   kewlnurse
    Maybe thats why I dn't get along with the other my reply is usually, "your ass looks big in everything" and, with the prettier/fater thing my reply, if she's particularly hot is "she's so hot i'd do her on the living room floor", but hey, thats me.
  7. by   donmurray
    Jay, we get the "Simpsons" here, and I thought I'd show off my language skills! Only one "m" in bum, and it's usually the female who asks that deadly question!
  8. by   kennedyj
    There is always one trick that usually works.Especially when you are late for a dinner or movie etc. You just want her to put something on, get into the car, and hurry up so you can go..

    The question " do I look fat in this?"
    No but i think you would look better in the other outfit, it seems to be much more you... blah blah blah". You shift the female thought pattern from a fat obsession to a hey wait a minute he really is paying attention thought process. Allowing her to feel she's in control gives you control!